Muting the house using two -chamber windowsWe are building a house

Muting the house using two -chamber windowsWe are building a house

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What are the Passiv-Line S windows characterized?

Otherwise, these are two -chamber windows in which the windows are combined and the space between the glass panes is filled with noble gas (from the Helowców group), Argon or Krypton is used for this.

The technology used improves insulation properties, thanks to which less heat will escape through our windows.

To maintain high parameters, you need a distance frame - so -called.The warm frame, which is made of plastic, has replaced a metal frame in this way.

The glass has become the standard, which is 4 millimeters thick, and in addition, glued glass can be up to 6 millimeters thick.

Three -trustee windows are heavier and more expensive than two -bars.This is mainly associated with the use of better insulation parameters and the amount of material for the production of the Passiv-Line S window.

Advantages of two -chamber windows

Three -trustee windows meet several aspects and will work well, among others in modern construction, or also in the presence of roads with high traffic, where large noise is formed.

The long list of advantages can be

  1. Nowoczesne zespolone szyby
  2. Utrzymują dużo ciepła, bo pomiędzy taflami szkła znajduje się gaz
  3. Świetna izolacja akustyczna (izolacyjność akustyczna Rw 45 dB)
  4. Idealnie sprawdzi się w domach energooszczędnych
  5. Bezpieczeństwo majątku dzięki klasie RC2; (opcja jest możliwa do zamówienia)
  6. Gwarancja trwająca 80 miesięcy

The advantage is also safety, thanks to the use of appropriate materials, the windows become resistant to burglary when the correct assembly technique is used.

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In what buildings will the Passiv-Line S windows work best?

We should use mounting of three -rise windows in newly built houses with very good thermal insulation, as well as in houses that are subjected to thermomodernization.

Ideally, this type of windows will work in passive and energy -saving buildings, where heat will not run away.

In this way we will minimize heat loss, and we will limit the produced CO2 dioxide.

As a result, we will get a decrease in costs while heating our home and reduce moisture.

The windows will work in a building that is located close to the road with high traffic.

Very good acoustics (RW 45 dB sound insulation), which will make us relax in our home.

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Two -chamber windows are tight and have good acoustics, thanks to which there is a little unnecessary sound to our home.

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Are two -chamber windows better than single -chamber windows?

If we are facing the choice of windows that are to meet our expectations and new solutions in construction in the 21st century, we must ask a few questions:

If we know the answer to these questions, we can put and choose Passive-Line S windows, which will fully fulfill their functions.

If the thermal insulation of our home is insufficient, then the investment in insulating windows simply will not pass the exam, because the heat will still run through the uninsulated walls of our building.

In this case, a good solution will only be to replace one -chamber windows that minimize heat loss and cost less than two -chamber windows.

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