“My husband was cheating on me with whom he was going with.  Everyone talked about it, but nobody bothered to inform me "

“My husband was cheating on me with whom he was going with. Everyone talked about it, but nobody bothered to inform me "

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After years of marriage, my husband left to "look after" Sandra. From that moment on, nothing was the same anymore.

The sight of the empty house depressed me the most. The kitchen reminded me of the travel dinners we were planning; the couch in the guest room reminded me of the evenings in front of the TV. So I tried to stay at home as little as possible.

Overtime at work, walks around the city, just to postpone the return home. I also avoided my neighbors. I didn't have the strength to answer their questions.

Only I, stupid, had no idea about his betrayals

Unfortunately, I didn't make it that day. In the stairwell, I met Jola, a doctor from a nearby hospital, who lived with us door to door. "You look miserable," she said in greeting. - I don't think you feel very well. Come to me, I will check your blood pressure in a moment. Not moved by my protests, she dragged me to the apartment, sat me on a chair and took out the camera. - Michał moved out? She asked bluntly, and despite my confusion, she added, "Well, love, he couldn't hide his affairs anymore." It's too small a town. It has long been known that this peasant could not resist any young lady, but no one had the courage to tell you about it.

It was a shock. So everyone knew. Only I had no idea of ​​his betrayals. I sat paralyzed, red with shame, humiliated. After all, I naively believed in overtime, business trips, and helping my cousin for so long. I was in tears for good. Jola, without a word, took my outburst of regret. - You could use a trip. When is the earliest time to go on vacation? - she finally asked matter-of-factly. "I don't know, maybe in a month or two," I replied, wiping my nose. I have a friend of a doctor who will definitely write you a referral - Jola told me, considered our conversation ended and escorted me to the door.

At night, I struggled with my thoughts. After all, leaving will not solve my problems. "But maybe it will help me to distance myself?" - I wondered and in the morning the latter option prevailed. The next day I asked for a vacation. In a month I was able to go to the spa.

„Mąż zdradzał mnie z kim popadnie. Gadali o tym wszyscy, ale mnie nikt nie raczył poinformować”

I don't remember working that month, but I know I felt relieved. I stopped being afraid of my four angles as I was counting down the time until my departure with growing excitement.

The day before the trip, I went to the supermarket. As I was leaving, I almost bumped into the doorway with a laughing couple. It was my husband and his "cousin". I was surprised, and so was Michał. Only she was still smiling. “I didn't know you were shopping this far from home,” he said. - How are you, anyway? - Great. I'm leaving and I'm going to have a good time, ”I replied, then turned on my heel, leaving my ex dumbfounded. I was really proud of myself.

Kołobrzeg greeted me with the sun. The residents I joined turned out to be very friendly. There were only two couples among them. Others - no pair. It's just like me, I thought, pleased. Everyone is much older than me, except for Karol. We started sticking together pretty quickly. Karol became a companion of my daily walks by the sea, we went to ozone therapy together. We discovered that we both have an interest in psychology. We listened to the Old Good Marriage and Renata Przemyk.

Last night, I finally told him about my hapless husband. He repaid me with the equally sad story of the breakdown of his marriage. We sat on the bench depressed. To lift the mood, I suggested wine in a nearby cafe. I already felt that I would miss Karol ... I didn't even notice when those three weeks had passed. I was more and more sorry that our relationship was coming to an end, because I had not felt so good in male company for a long time. - Can I call you sometimes? - Karol asked then. - Yes! - I was sincerely pleased.

What if she forgets about me? Will he not want to see me?

The next day I was standing at the train station and saying goodbye to everyone, trying to hide my sadness. Finally I approached Karol. I thanked for the nice time and almost cried. - I should thank you for these moments together. I thought that there were no more interesting women, and here, suddenly, I met you - Karol shook my hand tightly. - Maybe we will go to the mountains in the spring? There are a couple of places I'd like to show you.

I happily agreed.

After returning for a week, I tormented myself whether he was serious about it. Because maybe he thought it was nice, but it's over? Today I know that I was worried unnecessarily. He called and we have already arranged a weekend in Masuria. And then - who knows ...

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