Minecraft - a guide for builders.How to create effectively and effectively?

Minecraft can be loved for many aspects, including the opportunity to pour out your creativity.What to do not to waste time and quickly create great constructions?You will learn everything in this text.

Note - the text was based on the Minecraft Java Edition 1 version.17.1.Currently, this is the latest edition created for PCs in mind.Still, most of the content contained in this guide can be safely used in the Bedrock Edition version.I prepared it simultaneously with the Survival, Creative and Hardcore mode, so regardless of your favorite style of gameplay, you should get rich with useful knowledge.The guide does not go beyond the built -in functions of the game itself, although sometimes you will use the browser.However, you do not need to install any mods or use external programs.

Building in Minecraft - where to start?

Regardless of whether you just play in your world, you want to build with an infinite number of blocks or you plan to spend as many days as possible without a single death, it's worth creating nice buildings.Let's leave the stage of building ads from Dirta behind us, because it's time to go to the next level.

I recommend starting with the simplest thing - go to any world in Creative or if you don't have it, create it.Start your equipment and take a look at the list of items and blocks available in the game.First of all, it will help you become familiar with the building material available in Minecraft, and secondly you have the chance to stimulate your gray cells and come up with a new idea to build.

Sometimes it is difficult to come to an interesting concept yourself, but fortunately the minecraft community is so great that virtually everything has already been invented.I recommend browsing social media related to the most popular game of Mojang studio, because you will find brilliant projects more than once in this way.These many times inspired me to build something in my world that only makes it even more diverse.Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook and, above all, YouTube are the perfect place to get ideas from someone.

If you plan to encourage your block concepts on Survival or Hardcore worlds, also read the recipes of things you will use.Sometimes it is possible to predict how much a given raw material is needed for construction, so you should be tempted to collect individual items in advance.This will save time and do not stop the construction.

However, before you start erecting the first blocks, look for a good place for your project.It would be strange to look like a pyramid in the middle of a glacier or a town of Vikings in the middle of the desert.It is always possible to adapt the area on your own, although it is simply an additional job to do, which can be avoided.

I will mention one more quite important thing, which many minecrafters forget.It happens that your building will belong to the symmetrical ones.If it is one that you can enter, it is well predicted in advance whether you are building it for an even or odd number of blocks in length or width.You will avoid the situation of moving half of the structure by one block at the end of the work, because you planned to put a pair of doors in the middle before, and the building came out for example.20 blocks in one of the axes.Nothing prevents you from drawing a whole scheme on a piece of paper or in the graphics editing program and use it during the game.

Minecraft – poradnik dla budowniczych. Jak tworzyć efektownie i efektywnie?

Useful websites when building in Minecraft

In addition to previous recommendations, I have two more websites worth memories.One of the biggest knowledge treasury for each pick -up fan will go first.Planetminecraft is a brilliant place where everyone can throw their minecraft works - entire maps, buildings, skins, packs of resources and much more.It happens that the creators of from there allow you to download shared worlds, which will allow you to check their work even more thoroughly.

There will also be situations that you will want to go beyond the simplest blocks.Why repeat cuboids, if you can create e.g..Fight and other figures?Plotz Modeller will be useful for this task, which allows you to easily see how to build various shapes in the game world space.From bullets, through ellipses to even giant snowmen.It is an easy to use web application that will instruct for free how to build a given geometry layer by layer.

Watch out for constructions using Redstone

During the many years of adventure in Minecraft, I also had problems with stuffing my mechanisms in the walls, ceilings and floors so that they do not disgust their form of the whole of the newly created building.I highly recommend it before starting this part first to put a copy of this minecraft electronics somewhere nearby, so that you have the view of how much space it will take.Alternatively, use a trick with a drawing on a piece of paper or drawing the whole in the graphics program.

These are undoubtedly the best ways, although in many cases redstone mechanisms can be smaller.Many of their parts have their twisted substitutes, but this is already knowledge reserved for people sitting deep in the secrets of red stone.A large part of the community centered around this production does not like the use of this type of items at all, although the introduction of such "fichers" into the structure will definitely diversify them very much.

Post -production like when creating movies

One of the most common problems after completing the project is the lack of expressiveness.Fortunately, there is a way to diversify the finish of the structure.It is important not to be afraid to experiment and not be afraid to limit.For example, I will take a button made of blue and red wood from Nether.For some it will be a simple button, and for others it can be a soap for location on the edge of the bathtub made of quartz stairs.

There are also several other blocks that can be used various form.It's good to have a frame for objects and a tripod for armor somewhere in the back of the head, which is literally a mine of interesting applications.Due to the fact that this rack is treated as the same type of objects as mobs, it can be moved freely thanks to the pistons.There are no obstacles to put it in this way among other blocks, which will allow them to add additional details.

Also remember that many blocks have their alternative variants, especially brick and wooden ones.Sometimes throwing a cracked brick somewhere or such an overgrown moss will give a slightly darker atmosphere.Keep in mind that a lot of blocks can be used in different ways.For example, iron blocks due to their invoice in the line do not always have to be "iron blocks".In this game, the only restrictions are the ones you put on.Don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild, and believe you will raise your creativity to the heights.

Useful tricks that will facilitate work

Virtually every architecture requires maintaining the right proportions.One bad calculation and a lot of time can go in vain.However, there are some protection against such shortcomings.The first of them requires the construction of a certain "line", i.e. belts of two or more types of blocks alternately.Below you can see an example.In the event that you are slightly away from this little help, stand evenly in the middle of the grille under you and look straight ahead towards the axles you build.Then you will know exactly which field you are in the field.

The second option is to use a special interface hidden under the F3 button.Do not be afraid of a multitude of subtitles that will appear on the screen.In this context, you only need two of the sections marked on the screen.On the left (in red) you will find the coordinates of your character, i.e. its direct vector in the X, Y axes and from the game world.It means exactly the location of the lower half of your body.On the right (in blue) I marked the location of the block on which you indicate the cursor.The use of these two functions is particularly useful when the project involves building specific sequences every specific number of grilles.

And that would be enough.As you can see, it is a bit, but I guarantee you that with these several tips you will build much more effectively and effectively.I encourage you to look at other guides from Minecraft, thanks to which you will improve your skills in this title.All published texts of this type can be found here.

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