Luckinated keys in the car - what to do?|

Luckinated keys in the car - what to do?|

A hot summer day, the mother holds the child in her arms and heads to the car.Put the baby into the car, and when fastening it with belts gives the child.After fastening, he closes the door, goes to the driver's door, pulls the door handle, and here the lime - the door is closed.The heat, a black car, a child inside, a closed door ... a scene like advertising that makes it dangerous in a closed car in the summer, but unfortunately, this situation happened in reality, and I was a witness.

Fortunately, everything ended well.The father of a child probably joined the mother, who as soon as he saw what happened, he wanted to run for help to the store, but the mother kept calm and standing next to the baby's glass showed him that she was to press the button.After several attempts to show the gesture of pressing the key, the child opened the door, and the parents breathed a sigh of relief.Congratulations to a mother who remained calm and there was without the windshield, although there will probably be people who recognize that it was unreasonable.

The clusted key in the car - ways to open a clothed car

If we slam the key in the car, the easiest way is to go for a spare key, if we have it and we are quite close to the place where it is.However, if we do not have a key or we are too far away, and there is no one to bring it to us, we have several methods to open a car without a key.

The first and most effective method is to use the emergency opening service of the car, for which we can pay PLN 100-400.Using the service, we have almost one hundred percent certainty that the car will be open non -invasively, i.e. without the destruction of the lock.Therefore, it is better not to tinker at the castle yourself, because if we damage something, the cost for such a service can be more.

If for some reason we do not want or cannot use professional help, we can play in the thief of our own car.However, opening a closed car in this way is not easy, because to start the operation we have to make the glass leave so wide enough to fit a wire in it.If we manage to gently open the glass, we will need a wire and at one of its ends we need to bend it in such a way that the catch is formed.We can also use a wire hanger for this, which is enough to straighten iHak we will be ready.We put the wire formed in this way through the gap and try to hook it on the door bolt or handle.Once we succeed, it is enough to pull and the door should open.

The last way is also to use the set for an emergency opening of the car, whose prices start from PLN 100.The opening process is based on undermining the door with a pillow, which is pumped so that the door opens and create a gap in which the wire can be inserted.The set includes wires of different lengths and we can connect these wires together, so we can adapt them to our needs.Unfortunately, using such a set does not guarantee us that we can handle the vehicle opening the first time and non -invasive.That is why it is better to use the service of professionals who will cope with the opening of the car and we will pay more or less the same as for the set.

However, if we cannot use the above methods, we have to destroy the lock with a drill or winding the glass.If we decide to break the glass, then never choose the driver's glass, because the compact glass will land on the armchair and collecting it will take a lot of time.Therefore, to save time, it is better to knock out the rear windows.