Italy.  Mayor Encourages Vaccination Against COVID-19.  It goes from door to door

Italy. Mayor Encourages Vaccination Against COVID-19. It goes from door to door

Custonaci is a town and commune in the Province of Trapani, which is located in Sicily. In this part of the island, less than 60% are vaccinated. population, which is below the national average. Sicily was classified as a yellow zone, and therefore some restrictions returned, including the obligation to cover the mouth and nose in the fresh air. All this to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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Italy. The mayor visits the residents. She answers questions and fights fake news

The mayor of Custonaci, Giuseppe Morfino, has launched new measures to encourage the fight against the coronavirus. - I like to go from house to house to understand as mayor and doctor why part of the population has not yet been vaccinated - said Morfino, quoted by, who is patiently knocking on the door of the townspeople. Custonaci has over 4,000 inhabitants, and the mayor, visiting individuals, answers questions, denies false, fear-provoking information and persuades to accept the vaccine.

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Residents do not respond to calls for vaccination

- The vaccination rate is 57 percent, even though people in Custonaci had the opportunity to be vaccinated in the town on different predetermined days. Unfortunately, despite appeals, the percentage of people who showed up was minimal - few actually made it to the vaccination point, said Mayor Giuseppe Morfino.

The mayor of the Italian town stressed the need for citizens to take the coronavirus vaccines in order to reach the threshold of 70 percent of those vaccinated with the first dose.

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