Irena Hinz was 20 years old when she became the first victim of "Scorpio", a serial killer from the coast


Niestępowo, 10 listopada 1979

How could the Mother of God, to whom they prayed with his wife every evening, could allow someone to do so harm their beloved Irence?Alfons Hinz* with his hands supported his head and with a glassy eyes staring at the image of the Mother of God of Częstochowa hanging on the opposite wall.(...)

Hinz has recently turned fifty -three and did not think that he would live to the moment when he would have to hide his own daughter.Although the next hours passed since finding Irena's body, he still couldn't believe what happened.(...) Did not realize that it was an absolute end for his child.(...)


The murderer hid the body in a small sink.You can see that he pulled them for a few meters, because the traces of blood showed that he attacked the girl on the dirt path.

Alfons Hinz barely recognized Irena's face.She was already so different...He immediately knew that his daughter was dead as soon as he took a look at her.He remembered from the war of the shot fugitives from Stutthof.Such views are not forgotten.That's why he meets the dying right away.Just like a dead daughter.

Of course, the features did not change, but the whole face was covered with a red goo adjacent to the skin like foil.The mask has frozen.Her jet black hair also stuck blood.The purple was reflected on the background of a green, but already frosted grass.(....)

Jedno z miejsc zbrodni(fot. Krzysztof Wójcik)


Gdańsk 9 listopada 1979

Twenty -year -old Irena Hinz has been working as an indoor at the Infectious Department of the Medical University of Gdańsk for three years.After work, she did not like to return alone to her empty home in the village.That day, she guessed with his cousin Ewa Maćkowska.The girls, as usual, arranged in the apartment of Sister Ewa, who lived in an old German tenement house next to the Medical Academy in Wrzeszcz.Irena came a few minutes before the third.A moment later, Ewa joined her, who also finished working at the PKO bank, where she cleaned offices.

- I agreed with Jacek, but I don't want to meet him.We will go shopping together - said Irena.Although she knew her cousin since she was a child, she didn't really like to confide.Both lived near each other, although Ewa already in Leźno itself.(...)

- Why don't you meet with Jacek if you promised?You know that he likes you - Ewa drove.

- Come on.It's a divorce!What would parents say.Besides, there is some kind of kurdupel - Irena mocked.She knew what she was saying.She could like men herself - a shapely, small brunette with round shapes, with a playful smile.

Butztyphy Jacek did not give up.He suspected that Irena would fall into his cousin in Wrzeszcz when he finished his job.He looked there a dozen or so minutes before four in the afternoon.He was angry.

- Why are you dealing with me if you don't come then?!he asked, pissed off, not paying attention to my friends of Irena.- I stick like an idiot and I am waiting for you at the academy, and the girls told me that you have already left."I have other boys and I won't be about to ask you," Iwona grunted him.

Jacek didn't answer that anymore.Nervous, he turned on his heel and quickly moved towards the door.He boomed them so that they almost flew out of the door frame.Irena said nothing.- We're going home - Ewa tried to alleviate the situation.- Not.Now we have peace.We will jump to the city for a moment.I would like to see my shoes and look for a coat - her cousin said.- Notch tak będzie, ale razem wracamy autobusem do Leźna - powiedziała Ewa.

Paweł Tuchlin w miejscu jednej ze swoich zbrodni(fot. Krzysztof Wójcik)

The girls put on jackets and went to the nearest tram stop at Aleja Zwycięstwa."Two" just arrived and both jumped into the tram.They got off at the VIS-A-Vis stop of the PKS station.They passed through the tunnel, and then through the escalatoy stairs they drove in front of the PKP station in Gdańsk.They took part in Hala Targowa at Straganiarska Street in the Old Town.They only watched hanging goods, but they did not try anything.In the boutique at the armory, Irena bought a box with mini tights and hair coloring shampoo.Already when they left the drugstore, the girl asked Ewa: - Maybe we will fall into "Virginia" for a moment?I haven't bought anything special, but I don't want to go home yet.It's Friday, so don't hurry...

The girls ordered a light "amphora" and a glass of company drink, which was served in a cafe.They talked about nothing.They did not have to hurry, because it was only after five that they had a bus to Leźno.Pekaes left from the station in Gdańsk.Irena paid for the drinks and both went to the stop.The worn -out Autosan arrived on time.

Although more people returned from work from Gdańsk, the girls found seating places.Along the way, Pekaes stopped only in Kokoszki.There, a bunch of people in auto -longe.Almost all women got off.Only four passengers remain inside.Irena and Ewa were sitting in their places.

- Maybe we'll go to Niepępów together?- attached them by Antek Napiórkowski, a neighbor from the village.

- Not.We are still going to "stylish" - Ewa replied."Stylish" is the only pub in Leźno.On the cerata tablecloth, you can drink not only cheap wine, shoot the barrel of vodka, but also eat a cake.The locals usually look there, because in the whole village there is nowhere to go - the only attractions on November evening in Leźnie is a movie on television or a bottle in "Stylish".

Travel to the stop at the intersection of Gdańsk - Leźno lasted less than half an hour.When the girls got off the back door of Autosan, it was completely dark outside.Although winter has not yet arrived, the temperature has fallen below zero.The feeling of cold was intensified by a strong wind and a slightly sitting drizzle.The girls were leaning with the slopes of the gale when they wandered along the road to the center of the Leźno center.The "stylish" lights were visible from afar.Both were happy that they finally arrived at the cafe door.They could warm up inside.They smiled at the friend of the bartender Anka.(...)

Materiały ze śledztwa(fot. Krzysztof Wójcik)

Girls were closely watched by a thirty -year -old in gray turtleneck with long sideburns and combed baldness.He had half a bottle of wine "wine" on the table.It was not his first bottle, because he started drinking at noon with his colleagues.For two weeks, they set up high -voltage poles in Leźno and "stylish" was the only place where they could drink in the evening, because in the barracks where they slept, it was no entertainment.

The thirty -year -old is Franek Sobierajski.He stared at the girls, because a colleague from the bottle went to the restroom and did not come back for a long time.He was already very drunk and when he looked at them, he initially thought that four had entered the bar.Only when he covered one eye with his hand, he came to the conclusion that there were only two.

When he stuck in Ewa and Irena, he also noticed a buddy returning from the restaurant - Mirek Przygodzki.He walked a sweeping step, slightly staggering.He was supporting the tables so as not to get off the slippery floor.Przygodzki was so inserted that he did not notice the girls who sat a moment earlier at the free table opposite the franc.He focused more on maintaining balance.

When he sat at the table, he fell inside the court.A tall brunet with a portable "Neptune" rolled into "stylish".Marched vigorously and as danced as before.He was as drunk as both his buddies from the construction.The portable television has torn out of the barracks.

"It's now, Krucafix, there will be a movie," he dragged with a clear Kashubian accent and set the TV on the table at which the girls sat.- Well, you can change.

- Hey you, you won't dictate where we are to sit.Go with this TV already - Ewa answered Hardo.

Irena did not manage to say anything, because she was completely surprised by the High Brunet's action.This one did not enter into a discussion with Ewa.He took "Neptune" and put him on the table next to it, so that all three could watch the Czech series "Under one roof" that was just starting.

Materiały ze śledztwa(fot. Krzysztof Wójcik)

Ewa and Irena ate the ordered portions of mushrooms and finished tea.Ewa already knew how she knew drunk guests who joined them.They were workers who put the poles under her house.She also remembered that they rode the cat's heads on black WSK.

- Hey, girls, what are you in a hurry?Maybe you'll be able to reach us.We will drink and then take you home - he said slowly so that you can not hear how drunk he is, Franek Sobierajski.He leaned on the massive wardrobe playing "Rock Ola" and threw a token to surprise Winyl Boney M.with the hit "Rasputin".

"We'll dance to ourselves," he smiled with a drunken face, when the first rhythms of percussion admission to the disco hit of the German band resounded.

"You are cool girls and such bodies are wasted," he added from the TV.

- How do you know they are wasted?Maybe we are agreed and that's why we leave - Ewa replied.She did not want to discuss further, because all the three were quite drunk, although the strangers tried to mask their condition.

Irena Hinz miała 20 lat, kiedy stała się pierwszą ofiarą

The girls put on jackets hanging on the chairs and were slowly approaching the exit door.When they went outside, the cold autumn evening went through them.To get home, they had to return to the intersection, where they got out of Autosan.Two sisters, neighbors Halina and Iwona Litwińczuk met at the bus stop.

- Where do you come back, there is no bus?Halina asked.

- from "stylish".Now we're going home - Ewa replied.Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the figure of a man who was hiding in the dark behind the world.He had to hear her words.However, she did not pay much attention to him, because they quickly said goodbye to Litwińczuk's sisters and went towards Nieępów.(...) They had about two kilometers to pass.In the dark it was not much visible.When they walked along a dirt path, the penetrating black forest passed on the left hand.High beeches and individual alders merged into unity with the darkness of the night.

- Have you heard something?- Irena jumped to Ewa and grabbed her her arms violently.

"Yes," Ewa replied and held her cousin's hand.She scared her with this violent movement.

In the poignant silence you could hear a rustle, as if someone was running around the carpet and spreading the disturbing branches.Suddenly, the silence was interrupted by a loud slamming of a dry stick.Ewa noticed that Irena was very scared.With her big, black eyes, she tried to see something in the darkness of the forest and shaking her head, stared at the beech.

- What are you afraid of, stupid.It's probably deer - Ewa tried to calm Irena.It is true that she did not believe in what she was saying, but she hoped that in this way she would calm her cousin a bit.

When they whispered with each other, the rustle stopped.Just as they suddenly heard him, it ended as suddenly.He did not move away from them, but as if he froze somewhere in the dark.Cousins did not want to drive their fear.They accelerated his pace.They did not stop.Nothing could be heard for a moment.Only the noise of the leaves moved by the wind.

Materiały ze śledztwa(fot. Krzysztof Wójcik)

Irena released Ewa's hand.They went through nearly two hundred meters through a dirt road, when they heard something like a friction sound from afar.Irena got scared again.She jumped violently towards Ewa.She grabbed her hand.A cyclist emerged from the darkness.He drove towards them on the other side of the path from the forest side.It was near his bicycle that wiped with a cluttered fender, making a scratching sound.A man was sitting on a bike, but neither Ewa nor Irena were able to recognize facial features.The cyclist, as he suddenly appeared, so suddenly disappeared.The sound of a lugged wheel was also lost with him.

- Jesus!But I got scared, and it's just a bike - said Irena.

- I was also passed by goose skin on the back.God!- Ewa added.

"Let's go home as soon as possible, because in this darkness I will get a heart attack in fear," Irena said.

Now both were seriously scared.They went this way hundreds of times, but they haven't had such a Pietra yet.Although Ewa took the first rustling for deer movements, she wasn't sure now.She did not know what she was sitting around in the black.

Cousins did not look back.Holding hands, they came to the Maćkowski house.The characteristic end of the "TV Dziennik" resounded in the apartment.The twentieth has passed.

- Will you come to me?Maybe you will stay at night?- Ewa asked.Irena often stayed with her when they were still around the city after work.

- Not.You know, it's late.I will go home - Irena replied.- See you tomorrow.She embraced her cousin and turned her back on her back.She moved quickly towards her farm.It's only eight hundred meters.

Ewa after entering the apartment hung a jacket on the hook in the hallway and pulled her things out of the net.Then their Burek began to bark in the yard.He was barking as crazy.

- Why is Diana so crazy?Anyone is outside?- asked Ewa's brother -in -law, who just came to Mackowski.

- I came with Irena, but she probably went towards her home.Misiek was probably barking at her - Ewa replied.Although she was immediately reflected.Diana Szczekała always when someone passed near the house, and Irena should be on.After all, a few minutes have passed since she turned around and went towards Nieępów.Besides, it was enough that Irena only said the word and the female dog was silent like enchanted.She knew Irena.

Now Diana didn't want to calm down.She stopped barking only a minute later.However, Ewa did not bother.


I felt such nervousness since the morning.I couldn't focus on work, because I had one thought over and over again.I had to go hunting.Today was the day of wandering.

Materiały ze śledztwa(fot. Krzysztof Wójcik)

(...) When I had a fajrant, I took my hammer from my drawer.I put the bosom so that it wasn't visible.(...) Once I changed into civilian clothes, I wrapped the hammer with a bandage.At the end I tied a knot.I spared no material so that I wasn't cold in my stomach.I put the hammer behind the pants belt.Oh, now good...You couldn't feel this icy gun anymore.What an unpleasant feeling it was!How would I relax then?Now it was enough to find a place for hunting.I can't sit in the city.I have to go somewhere on the outskirts.(...)

I jumped out of the bus in Kokoszki.I went to the other side and ran off the escarpment.I jumped a ditch and came to a dirt path running to the road leading from Gdańsk.I didn't go back towards the city.I went towards Żuków.When the pavement ended, I walked along the roadside.It was dark and only rarely brightened the car headlights.I finally came to the intersection of the road in Leźno.I didn't know what to do next.I went towards the village.After a few minutes I came to the first buildings.I was more and more nervous because I didn't meet anyone.

(...) From afar, I noticed that two people are coming.They were definitely women.My heart was already starting to beat more.However, when I came to the world, no one was there.(...On the right I passed some houses and wondered every now and then whether to go on or give up.(...) I wasn't sure if they accidentally entered the first farms and then my whole path would be in vain.At the fork of the roads I turned right, because from this side I saw the lights of the buildings.

(...At one point I noticed a man of a man at one point in Górka.I accelerated my pace.I wanted to get closer to see if it is one person or more.Walking faster and faster, I already knew she was a lonely woman.By accelerating gradually, I tried to get closer to this girl.Although the evening was rather cloudy, I saw her figure more and more precisely.Although it was still two hundred meters, I felt more and more excited.Shoes crunked on a sandy road, but I was stealing like a fox.I was getting closer.When I could almost touch her, I unbuttoned my jacket and pulled out a member.He was ready.

I had a hammer wrapped in a bandage behind the belt.

Materiały ze śledztwa(fot. Krzysztof Wójcik)

The woman probably did not hear me because she did not reveal the signs of nervousness.She didn't even look back.She was a bit with her, but I was so excited that I didn't pay attention to it.I just whispered "Wait here, we'll get caught up".

At one point I pulled out a hammer.Standing a bit on the left side of the girl, I hit her in my head.I was like amok.I don't know how many strokes there were, because I didn't count the blows.Yes, I was excited.When she fell, I grabbed her armpits and pulled her to the meadow.I don't know if she lost consciousness because she was breathing all the time.

When she was lying calmly, I had to undress her.I unbuttoned a button, took off my pants.I started to hurry later.I torn panties and tights.(...)

When I was leaving the woman, she was still alive.She was released but deep.She moved her hands lightly as if she was looking for something.I didn't pay attention to it because I felt satisfied and I had to run away.I headed towards the road from which I turned behind this girl.However, I wanted to come back a different path.When I walked in the meadow, I got to the ditch.I didn't know how wide it was.

I only heard the sound of water and I was sure that I would easily jump to the other side.I didn't think it was a fairly wide river.I already accelerated and did an assassination to jump when I realized it was wide water.I stood up.

Then, from this hesitation and assassination, a hammer fell out of my hand and fell into the water.I knew he had plus somewhere nearby, but I didn't even look for him.It was too dark and cold.I talked to myself that I couldn't jump over the river or swim.I returned towards the road and then entered the forest.I sat on the grass.I opened a purse that I took to the girl.There were some small and ID card.I put the money in my pocket.It will not be useful anymore.I opened a green document.

It was Irena Hinz.I took the proof with me.

*The names of victims and witnesses have been changed

Krzysztof Wójcik's "Scorpion" book can be bought at>>>


Paweł Tuchlin(fot. Krzysztof Wójcik)

Paweł Tuchlin was sentenced to death, which was carried out in May 25, 1987.

Krzysztof Wójcik(fot. Piotr Wachnik), 'Skorpion'(fot. materiały prasowe)

Krzysztof Wójcik.Reporter.Two -time Grand Press Award winner for disclosing corruption scandals at the Faculty of Law of the University of Gdańsk and in the Pomeranian justice dimension.Awarded by the Association of Polish Journalists for all journalistic work.Author of books: biography of Ryszard Krauze "Depression of billionaire", "Mafia on the coast" and "Dogs of wars.From Vietnam to Pakistan - the history of Polish mercenaries ".

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