Inspirations for interiors with sliding doorsKatowice our city

Inspirations for interiors with sliding doorsKatowice our city

Sliding doors not only to the wardrobe

Sliding doors take up less space than traditional wing doors.That is why they are models often chosen for small or narrow rooms.This room is usually a wardrobe.This interior is increasingly found in our homes and apartments, carefully taking care of the impeccable order among the clothes of the whole family.

It usually contains numerous shelves, shelves or wardrobes that strongly limit the space.Therefore, the best proposition for the wardrobe will be a sliding door with a mirror, which will not only optically enlarge this small space, but also allow you to choose the right outfit before an important exit.

Salon created for rest

On the market you will find two sliding doors systems: wall -mounted and intended for building in the wall.The first solution can be mounted at any time, all you need is a free wall, after which the wings will move.On the other hand, models hidden in the wall should be planned at the stage of thorough renovation, installing the driving system in a previously prepared wall, formed from plasterboard.

When choosing a sliding door to the living room, it is worth paying attention to their size.Here, we offer double -leaf models, whose great advantage is also the ability to easily connect the adjacent rooms into a larger whole.It is enough to spread both parts to connect the living room with the kitchen, or slide together, providing a dose of privacy in two separate rooms.

Inspiracje na wnętrza z drzwiami przesuwnymi | Katowice Nasze Miasto

The use of double -leaf sliding doors will allow optical enlargement of the space, additionally increasing the functionality of the interior.

The next rooms in which the sliding door will work are a bedroom and a children's or youth room.Here, depending on the character of the interior, you can use sliding doors created from a durable furniture board, which increases the arrangement or those made of natural wood, bringing a unique and warm atmosphere to the rooms.

Bathroom with sliding doors

We can often find bathrooms with a natural light source.Small, dark and unreasonable bathrooms are quite a common case found in homes and apartments.That is why glass sliding doors come to the rescue, which will not only optically enlarge the small space and ensure privacy, but also enable the flow of natural light!Glazing can take various forms.Models are completely transparent - encountered in hotel bathrooms or rooms where we only care about calming down.There are also models made of sandblasted or so -called.milk with a satin finish that increases the sense of privacy.

Well -made and beautifully decorated sliding doors in themselves can be an excellent decoration of the room, as well as an original interior accent.

A wide selection of materials, sizes and colors will allow you to match the door to any style - from modern, through classic, loft, to Scandinavian.

Using sliding doors in the interior, we use the available space maximally, while increasing their usable values.The low cost of this solution is an additional argument in favor of its use in the rooms, especially since the set includes both the driving system, door wings and the grilles.

In addition, the biggest advantage of sliding doors is their versatility - you can mount it both on the right and on the left, so you will avoid mismatching the door to the door opening.

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