How to remove stains from water on wood - 3 proven methods

How to remove stains from water on wood - 3 proven methods

It is not without reason that your parents have always reminded about the use of pads under the glass: water and wood are natural enemies.Anyone who wants to solve the problem of traces of wet glasses on wood can be difficult to start.Not because there is not enough information on this subject, but because there are too many of them.How do you know which of many methods given is the right one?We decided to give detail the ways that we think are the most effective.You may have to experiment a bit before you find a way that works for your problem.Be patient and ... good luck!


Water stains are white or bright circles or streaks.The bright color means that the moisture did not reach the wood itself, but was stopped in the varnish.When the stains are black or dark, then we have a problem and you need to either renew the entire surface or call a specialist.

Jak usunąć plamy z wody na drewnie - 3 sprawdzone sposoby

Method 1: ironing

As with most spots, this way works quickly.If the stain has been visible for only a few days, try the following method: pour all the water from the iron and take them into the room where you will remove the stain.Turn on the iron and put a cotton handkerchief, towel or t-shirt on the stain.Set the iron to low power and briefly apply the iron to the handkerchief, checking that the stain disappears.Repeat until (we hope) the white spot will disappear.You can also use a hair dryer to get a similar effect.Close and move the dryer from the place where the stain is for about 10 minutes until the moisture evaporates.

Method 2: mayonnaise

If Method 1 did not work, it is worth trying another way, which may seem a bit strange, because it consists of putting on a stain ... mayonnaise.Apply it a bit on the cloth, then gently apply to the stained place.Leave it for about an hour or all night, adding mayonnaise if the first layer dries.If you do not have mayonnaise in the fridge, you can use as a vaseline substitute.In any case, it's about using a greasy substance that gets into the varnish, displacing moisture.If you see a certain effect, but you want it to be bigger, add a bit of cigarette asonnaise or petroleum jelly.Many people say that such a combination makes greasy substances better remove stains.

Method 3: Toothpaste

If the above methods led you to nowhere, go to the bathroom, open the cabinet and remove the toothpaste from it.However, this cannot be any paste.You will need white with a regular (not gel) consistency.Squeeze it a bit on the cloth and rub gently into the place where the stain is.You shouldn't scrub or rub for a long time before you see the result.To avoid damage to the furniture, apply the paste only to the place where the stain is, because the paste can wipe the varnish.

If the stain from the water did not disappear completely, maybe at least a little decreased and became less visible.Your ace in the sleeve may be that if all the above methods fail, you can always renew the whole piece of furniture.If it is expensive, it may be better to consult a professional.To counteract similar problems in the future, we recommend using a tray!