How to paint and plaster the facade with an aggregate?

And darker and lighter

One -color facades look extremely elegant and timeless, but they are also boring to some extent.The simple block of the building in combination with a single -color bright facade will make our home not stand out from other houses.It is not a bad thing, if we care about this effect.

However, if we want to personalize our home more, but at the same time we do not want the building in "flashy" colors, it is worth paying attention to the timeless combination of white and gray or graphite.

Virtually every building in this combination of colors will look good.The darker the shade of gray we use, the greater the "claw" will gain our facade.To visually insulate the whole and add coziness, we often decide on the additional use of the facade board.

How to combine colors?

Using contrasting colors, a very important element is their proper cut -off.While in the case of internal walls, it is enough to use the right shut -off tape, in the case of a spraying of facade plaster, ordinary tape may not be enough.To make sure that the effect of our work will be satisfactory, it is worth using a specialized tape designed for gluing on rough surfaces.

Additionally, we protect the surface with foil.One color must be applied first and the other after it is dry.This method allows for easier surface protection, which should not be covered with a given color of plaster.

Usually, the combination of colors is made according to the bends of the building's lump, i.e..We cover concave or protruding elements with another facade color.Of course, there are cases in which we want to use two colors on a completely flat wall.In this situation, a good solution is to use a laser level (cross or rotary laser).It will significantly facilitate the proper arrangement of the cut -off line riser.

The color of the facade is not everything

The choice of the color of the facade is almost as important as choosing the method of its implementation.A badly selected method can spoil even the best -selected color connections.Before starting work, it is worth considering the effect we want to get and the right selection of the application method.

Facade plaster can be applied manually or using a plastering gun designed for this type of plaster.Manually covering the facade with plaster is long -lasting and can contribute to the formation of unsightly thickens resulting from too slow weight application.

We will avoid these problems using the spraying method.It allows for a quick and equal cover of the wall with facade plaster, and also prevents unevenly decomposition of the grain - as in the case of the manual method.A properly selected aggregate for the spraying of facade plasters (e.g..Municipalities) can also be used to cover the walls with plaster, plastering, as well as the waterproofing of buildings.

The purchase of the device is therefore returned very quickly if we have a lot of works to perform on spraying the substance or if we run a renovation and construction company.Pneumatic spray devices allow the application of silicone, silicate, si, acrylic and mineral plasters.Thanks to this, they can be used to spray almost any structural plaster.

Source and photos: Brandsom