Garage door - which one to choose, how to measure it?

Garage door - which one to choose, how to measure it?

Which gate to choose and how to choose its dimensions for a single or double garage? We advise on how to measure the opening in which you plan to install and why it is worth investing in proven Dekedo and Belado models available at OKNOPLAST!

Two models, one goal - to provide you with the perfect gate!

Dekedo is a sectional garage door, the so-called The jacket is made of 45 mm thick panels joined together and filled with PUR (polyurethane) foam. It opens vertically, i.e. it is lifted up and slides segment by segment under the ceiling of the room.

This solution allows for maximum use of the space in front of the garage and inside it. That's not all - segment models such as OKNOPLAST Dekedo are distinguished by excellent thermal insulation! Why? All thanks to the construction of steel panels, which are then carefully insulated with PUR foam in the door leaf.

Dekedo - Oknoplast sectional garage door

The second model in the OKNOPLAST offer is the ultra-modern Belado garage door. What distinguishes it from the competition? Provides the highest level of thermal insulation: insulation thickness is as high as 67 mm! Effectively protects against heat loss and cooling down of the interior and adjacent rooms, even in winter. This is the best choice for those for whom the garage is an additional space to pursue their passions, e.g. for DIY enthusiasts or young musicians.

Belado - Oknoplast sectional garage door

The gate can be equipped with panes in glazing and / or additional strips insulating the frame, the so-called thermoframe, increasing thermal insulation by up to 15%! In addition, 67 mm of insulation layer translates into effective acoustic insulation of the room. We can achieve soundproofing in the garage similar to that of an apartment!

Belado is also the highest level of anti-burglary protection in the RC2 class, offered as standard. This means that the gate is able to resist any attempts to open it by kicking, hitting or prying.

Brama garażowa - jaką wybrać, jak ją zmierzyć?

… Because size matters!

Garage door manufacturers offer their models in various sizes, tailored to the needs of the customer and his project. Depending on whether you have one or more positions in your garage, you can choose models of typical width and height or design an individual solution. Check what dimensions you have to take into account!

Garage door width

For small single-car garages, you can order gates with a standard width of 2.25 m, which allow for easy maneuvering when entering and exiting the garage. Among the large-format doors, there are models with a width of up to 6 m. In OKNOPLAST, the top models of Dekedo and Belado, can have a width of 2.25 to even 5.5 m, which means that they can be installed in double garage garages.

Garage door height

Serial production garage doors are usually 2 to 2.5 m high and are perfect for garages for passenger cars. Most often, customers choose models with a height from 2.25 to 2.5 m, i.e. those through which an SUV, or a standard "passenger car" with a trunk or a roof box, can easily pass. Thanks to this, we are sure that even with a larger load on the roof, we will not have problems parking the vehicle in the garage.

Get to work, i.e. how to correctly measure the garage door?

It is best to have the garage door openings measured by the specialists of the manufacturer from whom you are ordering the solution. Such people will pay attention to all the details and match the gate to the existing opening as precisely as possible. However, if you want to measure yourself, for example to get an initial quote, we have a few tips.

The most important thing is to measure the door opening in the finished garage. What does this mean exactly? This room should already have installations (including electric, if you choose an automatic gate), as well as plaster on the walls and screeds on the floor.

Fill out the form if you want to evaluate the garage door, learn more about a specific system or choose a set of Oknoplast joinery. Oknoplast specialists will call you back and answer your questions.

If you plan in the garage so-called suspended ceiling, its execution should be postponed until after the door is installed - all ceiling guides must be attached to a stable, solid ceiling. Measure the door clearance, but also the width of the side walls and the height between the upper edge of the opening and the ceiling.

Oknoplast showrooms

It is also important to measure the height of the lintel and the width of the jambs. These dimensions will be necessary for the seller to determine whether it will be possible to install a specific type of garage door in your garage and make a preliminary valuation of the selected solution. Now all you have to do is take measurements and go to the OKNOPLAST showroom for your ideal Dekedo or Belado garage door!

source and photos: Oknoplast