Limitors for car doors - how to avoid impact?

Door limiters tailored to our portfolio

Like any door, they have hinges so that it can open, limiters are such a very helpful element.

Lack of caution when leaving the car may result in a blow to another object.Excited varnish, splinters, or - worse - to dent your or neighboring vehicle, not only will expose us to repair costs, but also Starga Nerves for the whole day.Door limiters prevent too much parting, thanks to which they give a greater chance to avoid a collision.

Door brakes are a very practical equipment that can affect safe parking and getting off.A tight parking space, invisible posts or small garages will not threaten our body.Carefree, but also not very attentive children, opening the door quickly no longer a threat to the neighboring vehicle.The cost of the limiters is only PLN 30-90.Their price is definitely lower than repairing the side of the car.

Are the limiters creak?Time to lubricate them

The brakes can occur in the form of tapes or sliding and rotary elements, made of aluminum or brass.Systematic lubrication of parts is required for this mechanism.They tend to blur, which can lead to complete damage.Door limiters, just like hinges, can start a creaky, annoying sound during opening after some time.In this case, apply a penetrating preparation, which thoroughly removes tar and greasy dirt, and then solidly clean the parts.The last stage is lubrication again.If we periodically carry out such a control process, we can be sure that the brakes will serve us for the next years.

Ograniczniki do drzwi samochodowych - jak uniknąć uderzenia?

What can the door limiters be lubricated?For this purpose, a special spray grease is most often used, available in every automotive store, and even in drugstores.The preparation must be distributed thoroughly inside, between the parts.Spray the pin and shoulder.

Replacing the limiter - what to do?

If the door limiters creak, or worse, jump or do not fulfill their tasks, it's time to replace them.The fastest parts of those doors that are most often used, i.e. from the driver and passenger.The brake arm is connected to the post with a pin.It is this element that can be damaged, leading to the abnormal functioning of the entire set.

The situation seems simple in older models.With the help of pliers, just try to mute the pin (if it did not fall out completely).Often, this element simply loosens and requires accurate attachment.After this operation, the door brakes should no longer knock.However, this is a short time.You need to prepare for solid attachment of the device.

In most car models, the limiters are mounted from the inside, so remove the upholstery.After getting to the location of the mechanism, you can go to the necessary steps.You need to unscrew the brake mounting.It is bolted to the cabin with Torx, and to the door with two classic dozens.You only need to move the foam covering the door and pull out the part.

The whole mechanism must be introduced in the inside, the same way as we twisted it.We glue the insulation, put on upholstery, and finally - we test.