"Brother Ignacy".Serial killer from Krakow - News

"Brother Ignacy".Serial killer from Krakow - News

Next to the corpses lying on the floor there was a bloody leg from the home table.Katarzyna G saw such a view after entering the apartment.* The woman returned a moment earlier from a business trip to Gdańsk.She was agreed that she would come home after returning.

Women spoke on the phone the day before.Stefania K.She told her daughter that a stranger was to come, fix her radio.The woman warned her mother who was 83 so that she would not let her let in.

In an interview with policemen arrived, the daughter told that the old lady had received deaf phones for two weeks.The neighbors also knew that the woman was holding a lot of money in the apartment.According to investigators, it was a thousand dollars and ok.three thousand zlotys.

Katarzyna G.In an interview with policemen, she drew attention to the entrance door.- they were launched, but they were not locked.There were no traces of burglary on the door - she testified.

Foto: Dawid Serafin / OnetWnętrze kamienicy na krakowskim Kazimierzu

Stranger on the balcony

Investigators began to inspect the crime scene.However, they had no suspect at that time.Everything seemed to indicate that the crime was committed against a robbery.

Initial conversations with the neighbors of the murdered did not bring any results.Just like the examination of the crime scene.It is true that traces of men's shoes were secured at the spot, it did not move the investigators forward.

Barbara C's testimonies turned out to be a breakthrough.She is a woman living in a neighboring tenement house.Woman on the day of the murder Stefani K.She smoked a cigarette at one of the windows of her apartment.She noticed that an old lady was talking to a young man on the balcony.The woman - according to the testimony of the witness - was calm, smiling and laughed during the conversation.She also described the character who accompanied the old lady.He is a man aged 25-27, a tall blond with an oval face.Barbara C.She didn't hear what they were talking about.

A similar man was seen by another neighbor who was supposed to leave the tenement house on the day of the murder.

Another attack

Meanwhile, September 3, 2000.in a tenement house near AL.November 29 in Krakow Janusz R.He found his mother's body.Dagmara R., which was 79, she died of a heavy object in the head.

Jedna z sąsiadek zeznała, żeDagmara R.She was also the owner of a small room in the attic of the tenement house.For several months she has rented it to students.The son of the victim that his mother earns his extra money to his retirement, he learned several weeks before her murder.Earlier, an old lady hid this fact from loved ones.

Foto: Dawid Serafin / OnetKazimierz

The attention of the police was the attention of the grandson.He told the investigators that his grandmother had problems with one of the landlords a year ago.This one did not pay the rent and behaved very arrogantly.Grandmother's grandson removed the old castle and installed a new one so as to prevent an unruly tenant from entering.His things were staged in cardboard boxes in front of the door.This, however, never appeared in the tenement house again.

In the testimonies of the second sons we can read that his mother was a distrustful person and did not let strangers into the apartment.She was also customary to close the door to the apartment.

Mysterious cards

Investigators decided to search the apartment of the murdered Dagmara R.There was a big mess in the room.It turned out that the woman was collecting waste paper, newspapers, empty bags and small notes with notes.

The search of several hours did not bring any results.Only after this time did it succeed in the Dagmara R apartment.find a small note.Someone made a hand on it: "I'll be later.Piotr K.".

In turn, in Stefani K..The investigators murdered a few days earlier in Kazimierz found a card with the inscription "Piotr K."and with the date of his birth and place of residence.

An attempt to kill the priest

Policjanci uznali, że za tymi dwoma zabójstwami może stać właśniePiotr K.The question of where to look for him remained unanswered at that moment.

Meanwhile, September 6, 2000.Information came to policemen from Krakow that officers from one of the Świętokrzyskie police stations detainedPiotr K.

According to the content of the message, on September 6 in the morning the man knocked on the door of the presbytery.He told the priest that his relative is dying and the last anointing is needed.The priest opened the door and the attack took place at that moment.Piotr K.He pulled out the weapon, but the priest managed to precipitate her.Then the man began to hit him with a hard object on his head, then escaped.

The priest notified the police about everything.The attacker was detained on the same day.He had one dollar and PLN 80.

Kim byłPiotr K.?

Piotr K.He came from Bytom.As a young boy after high school, he wanted to become a priest.First, he tried his hand at the order for a year, and then at the seminary.Unsuccessfully.

AfterPiotr K.The seminar failed to finish, he returned to his family home for a moment.In the spring of 1999.He came to Krakow.In October, he began his legal studies at the Jagiellonian University.In the same month he met the girl.Parted in December 1999.It turned out that she works in an escort agency.Piotr K.After a failed suicide attempt, he returned to his homeland.

Podczas swojego pierwszego pobytu pod WawelemPiotr K.He lived with both murdered women.

In August 2000.He stole 7 thousand from the cash register of one of the supermarkets in Bytom.PLN and went to Krakow.He quickly spent stolen money on hotels and girls.Shortly after arriving in Krakow he met Anna L.who worked in one of the escort agencies.

He wanted to go to Spain with her on vacation, but he needed money for it.

Tymczasem z opinii sądowo-psychiatrycznej dowiadujemy się, żePiotr K.He was a person with above -average intelligence, but emotionally and socially underdeveloped.

From his father's testimony: sometimes he leaned against the wall, his mouth and nose was liquid, he behaved strangely, his body became inert.

"I don't care about my fate"

Shortly after stopping, the investigators questioned Piotr K.He confessed to both killings.

- Mrs. Stefania, falling, gave a quiet moan and lying, panting heavily.Terrified over her, I stood for a long time.For the first time in my life I was a witness, and at the same time the perpetrator of such a situation and seeing a suffering man, I did not know how to react. Przez dłuższą chwilę się wahałem, ale pamiętam, że zadawałem kolejne ciosy - powiedział śledczymPiotr K.We know this from the case file.

Foto: Dawid Serafin / OnetSąd Okręgowy w Krakowie

May 14, 2001.The trial of Piotr K began before the District Court in Krakow.The man did not want a defender because he thought he did not deserve defense.

In one of the letters in the case file, we can read: "My responsibility does not end with justice of common courts and someday at the Last Judgment I will stand with a higher absolute judge and victims.I don't know if I will have the right to vote and have something to say to my defense.Then I regret words and please forgive, may not be enough to deserve a kind of grace and let go of the wine ".

* Names have been changed.

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