Do you open the door with the wrong hand?A fine of up to a thousand pounds

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You can pay dearly in Great Britain for opening the car door with the wrong hand.New regulations have just been introduced in the Islands, for breaking them in extreme cases you can be punished with a fine of a thousand pounds (about 5,000.zlotys).

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The new regulations are aimed at protecting cyclists, many of whom are injured due to the recklessness of drivers and passengers of cars.Under the new regulations, the driver of a British car should open the door with his left hand, and the passenger sitting at the front of the vehicle is right.Similarly, passengers sitting at the back of the car should open with a hand more away from the door.In this type of situation, using a "right" hand, getting out of the car will have to involuntarily turn the body towards the door and be able to look over the shoulder before leaving the vehicle, so they should see an oncoming bike.

New recipes for drivers in Great Britain

Drivers and passengers will have to follow the new rule to protect cyclists instead of opening the door without making sure it is safe.According to the data of the Cycling UK Group.The new recipe is to reduce the risk of this type of accidents.

Znikają obostrzenia w Wielkiej Brytanii. "Możemy być dumni"

After changes to the road code.It will make you turn your head to look over your shoulder.It is then more likely that you will avoid injury to cyclists or motorcyclists passing you on the road or on the pavement ".

Otwierasz drzwi niewłaściwą ręką? Mandat do tysiąca funtów

If, in the event of an opening of the door, someone is injured, the perpetrator may be punished with a fine of up to a thousand pounds.The driver will not be punished with penalty points, only a financial penalty is provided in this type of situation.The regulations have been changed as a result of a widely large campaign conducted by Cycling UK, as a model, the provisions in the Netherlands, a country, definitely more friendly to cyclists, were erected.

Gold coin discovered in the field in England.Historical treasure sold for a fortune

According to estimated data, in the UK, over 500 cyclists are injured each year by drivers and passengers opening the vehicle door without making sure that it is safe.The flavor of the whole matter is added by the fact that in 2016, the Minister of Transport Chris Grayling during the opening of the door at Whitehall caused the biker's collapse.

Artur Zawisza skazany. Były poseł PiS usłyszał wyrok za potrącenie rowerzystki

The latest regulations entered into force on Saturday, January 29.

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