Shower without a shower tray - what is worth knowing before assembly?

Shower without a shower tray - what is worth knowing before assembly?

Interior design

4 lutego 2022, 6:44

Interior design

phototropic/Getty ImagesPrysznic bez brodzika – o czym warto wiedzieć przed montażem?

A shower cubicle without a shower tray is a minimalist solution that allows you to optically enlarge the space, as well as improve the comfort of use and hygiene conditions.Before assembly, however, it is worth finding out what shower tiles without a shower tray in the block will work best, as well as what type of drain, grille and cabins choose.

When we plan to renovate the bathroom and among many possible arrangements, we take into account the shower without a shower tray, it is one of the main criteria.We suggest what elements of installation are necessary, and how you can save a bit.Is it possible to make a shower without a shower tray and a cabin in the block?What do you need to pay attention to?

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Prysznic bez brodzika – o czym warto wiedzieć przed montażem?

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Shower without a shower tray - pros and cons

Giving up a shower tray and a classic cabin has many advantages.First of all, it allows you to significantly enlarge the bathroom visually, especially if we choose a glass cover and decide on uniform tiles on the entire floor.For the installation of a shower without a shower tray, the dimensions of the shower cavity do not matter much.Regardless of whether it is 90 or 110 cm, all this space can be used for use.A uniform plane without unevenness and nooks will also be easier to keep clean.If a bathroom is needed safe for the elderly or disabled people, a shower without shower tray good idea.Does not require overcoming an obstacle in the form of the threshold.Does this solution have any disadvantages?You definitely need to remember about the need to mount a high -performance outflow - otherwise we may have a problem with water pouring out into the entire floor in the bathroom.Sometimes a shower without a shower tray is leaking.There may be insufficient insulation or sealing.As you can see, the main disadvantages result from the need to provide accessories and finish the highest quality, so as to prevent possible technical problems.

A modern shower without a shower tray - how to make?

It is good to make a decision on this type of shower cubicle at the stage of building the house so as to plan the arrangement of individual elements of the installation.A specialist should know exactly how to make a shower without a shower tray and help a layman avoid mistakes.It is certainly necessary to mount a line or point outflow with a siphon with a height of approx.8 cm, which will end at this height as a tile.A spout for a shower without a shower tray must also accommodate a drain pipe with a diameter of 5 cm arranged with an appropriate decrease on a layer of polystyrene.The tiles on the floor should also be arranged, lowering towards the drain.It is worth choosing the anti -slip - with a matte, slightly rough structure.Another issue to think about is the cabin.There are a lot of models on the market - you can create a glass shower without a shower tray with exceptional aesthetic values or opt for cheaper materials, for example, transparent plastic.The cabin may remain open on one side or it can be closed.Shower doors without a shower tray will open in the way we want - it is possible to be broken, sliding or tilting.They are also most often finished with seals to prevent water in the bathroom.

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Shower without a shower tray - cost

If you like this solution, you probably wonder now how much it costs a shower without a shower tray.We will tell you what you must take into account to count it.Certainly you will need elements hidden under the surface - pipe, siphon and linear or point drainage.It is also necessary to properly prepare the substrate - spout, hydro -seal and seal.Another issue is a cabin - you can choose from many types, ways of opening and materials, among which the glass leads the way.A shower without a shower tray with a curtain will allow you to cut costs associated with a glass cabin and some of this form is enough.A shower floor without a shower tray is usually simply an extension of the surface used in the entire bathroom - so we avoid buying a shower tray.However, it is worth carefully choosing the material that we put on the floor.It should be non -slip, so stone imitation tiles or wood are great, which are usually more rough than standard.There is also the question of what shower joint without a shower tray will ensure tightness.The joint should have good tightness parameters, but it should not be the only barrier - first of all, good insulation for a shower without a shower tray is needed at the ground level.

How to make a shower without a shower tray in the block?

The discussed solution can be problematic to make in a block of flats, but it is not impossible.A shower without a paddling pool is an interesting way to circumvent the problem of many layers and elements that should be fitted in the ground.In this case.Often, even without an increase and when a small bathroom is available, a shower without a shower tray in the apartment is achievable and it is worth choosing it.

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