Metamorphosis of the apartment without general renovation?It's nothing hard

Metamorphosis of the apartment without general renovation?It's nothing hard

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Are you fed up with worn out kitchen fronts, a shabby dresser in the hallway or a discouraging view of the old bathroom door?You don't have time or money for the general renovation of the house?Use simple and cheap ways to make a flat metamorphosis.See for yourself that not only the walls can be quickly and effectively giving a new look.

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Painting kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are among the most exploited equipment.By preparing meals, you open them and close them hundreds of times, and fumes from pots and frying pans of day contribute to the deterioration of the condition of the furniture.To make an effective metamorphosis of the apartment, all you have to do is repaint the cabinet fronts.First, you need to wash them well (water with a detergent) and degrease (e.g. extraction gasoline, acetone) and matte with sandpaper.Its thickness depends on the surface.

Use coarse, and for laminated and veneered furniture - fine -grained for varnished or paint.Clean the surface thoroughly.Fortunately, many manufacturers offer paints for difficult applications, i.e.for renovating kitchen cabinets of each type.Choose the right emulsion, remembering that painting may require up to several thin layers (apply each subsequent after drying of the previous one).Finally, it is worth protecting the whole with varnish.

Metamorfoza kuchni w weekend, czyli remont bez ekipy budowlanej

Renovation frenzy

Renovation by painting can be tried with almost all furniture at home, not just kitchen cabinets.Accurate surface preparation (washing, degreasing, grinding) is half the battle.You can also use a foundation for a better effect.The second half of the success is the selection of the right paint and its proper application, especially if you change the color from dark to light.A bit of patience (paint must dry between successive layers) will allow you to get a completely new equipment: a dresser, a wardrobe, a bed, a table, a door.If you use a roller, paint the nook and crannies with a small brush.The last layer in the form of varnish (matte or satin) will crowns the whole, but also protect the effects of your work.

Tiles like new

Have you already given patterns or colors on the kitchen or bathroom tiles?You don't have to cut the walls and floors, you can simply change the color of the tiles.If the joints are in good condition and you do not want to paint them, the tape wrap every second tile, paint the others, and after drying, change the place of the tape and paint the rest.Such an operation will also work if you want to give the floor a fashionable chessboard pattern.With little effort you will achieve spectacular effects without renovating your home!

Wrapping on the front

You can make a metamorphosis of the apartment by sticking furniture veneer on the fronts of cabinets (kitchen or bathroom).As with paints, there are many color options.You can also go crazy, choosing a veneer reminiscent of a tree grain, imitating skin and even a wild animal coat.

The basic activity is proper cleaning and preparation of the substrate and proceed in accordance with the instructions.It is worth replacing cabinets handles - old after metamorphosis may not fit at all.

New old fridge

Wrapping is a simple way to a flat metamorphosis.With this method you can renew furniture or ... fridge!The fridge stickers are available in various variants.You can opt for culinary, floristic or animal motifs, geometric patterns or known architectural motifs.

You can also choose a uniform color or make a metamorphosis of the fridge using self -adhesive (e.g. repair) tape.Create uniform or colorful stripes or a grille - simple and effective!

Jak odmienić wnętrze starego mieszkania w bloku - zobacz metamorfozy mieszkań do 50 mkw.

Detail always important

Not only detectives know that the details are important, interior designers also think so.As part of the apartment metamorphosis, you can give small details a new character.Change the decorating interior of small items, pots, figurines, lamps and even cables, using appropriate preparations, such as painting varnish for painting decorative elements.

Not only inside

If you have your own home and you dream of refreshing the facade, you don't have to call professionals, you will do it yourself!Especially when the ground is in good condition, and any minor damage can be repaired using mortar.First, clean the surface properly from all impurities, raids, mosses (you will use means to combat mold fungi and a metal brush).

It is also necessary to prime the substrate.The facade paint must be chosen for the type of plaster, think well and calculate the amount of emulsion you will need (use internet calculators).Another important thing is the selection of tools - for smooth surfaces, choose a roller, for porous - brush.The spray gun is convenient to use, but first check that the paint will be suitable for such an application.One of the biggest obstacles may be capricious Polish weather, but in this case you have to count on a bit of luck.

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The article contains links and boxes with the products of our partners.By choosing them, you support our development.

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