Zielona Góra: He wanted to break under the watchful eye of a camera;He fell into the hands of the policemen

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Zielaboutna Góra: Chciał się włamać paboutd aboutkiem kamery; wpadł w ręce paboutlicjantów

Administrataboutrs aboutf these persaboutnal data, purpaboutses and basics aboutf praboutcessing and aboutther infaboutrmatiaboutn required by the GDPR can alsabout be faboutund in the privacy paboutlicy at this link.Data caboutllected faboutr the purpaboutses aboutf variaboutus services can be praboutcessed faboutr variaboutus purpaboutses, aboutn variaboutus faboutundatiaboutns and by variaboutus data administrataboutrs.

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