Kamery będą monitorować drogi wjazdowe do Przasnysza

On November 3, 2021, the authorities of the Przasnysz poviat self -government and the city of Przasnysz signed a contract for the transfer of a subsidy for the purchase of urban monitoring cameras.

The cameras are to be installed on the entrance roads to Przasnysz.

- We want to increase the safety of the inhabitants of Przasnysz, after a series of thefts, which were made by criminal groups from the outside.After these events, there were also requests from the police so that the city would improve the city monitoring system and we decided to support the city in this undertaking.Modern cameras will be purchased to monitor exit roads from Przasnysz.The image will be recorded in good quality, you will be able to bring the shots to read vehicle registration numbers and easier to determine the suspects - says the staroste Krzysztof Bieńkowski.

Kamery będą monitorować drogi wjazdowe do Przasnysza

The city will receive 50,000 for this purpose from the poviat self -government.zloty.

- The safety issues of our residents are a priority.Together with the Poviat Police Headquarters, we want to fully - 24 hours a day, monitor entry roads.These are further tools for fighting car theft in our city, as well as burglaries into apartments.Every day our CMM operator accepts and verifies several applications of our residents, which he analyzes for the police.Many criminal events and acts have been prevented.The city will definitely invest in monitoring development in the next calendar year.We thank the Poviat Starosty in Przasnysz for support - comments the mayor, Łukasz Chrostowski.