Speed ​​cameras and measuring speed sections in Lower Silesia.  Where is it easiest to get a ticket?

Speed ​​cameras and measuring speed sections in Lower Silesia. Where is it easiest to get a ticket?

2020-06-1022: 36

We have a long weekend in June ahead of us, and soon holidays as well. Many drivers will travel by car across the country. It is worth checking in advance where you can come across speed cameras, red light cameras and section speed measurements. We checked what the situation is in the Dolnośląskie Voivodeship?

The creators of Yanosik checked on which roads there are the most fixed devices monitoring the actions of drivers and which voivodship is the leader in this type of inspections. The report shows that there are currently 431 speed cameras, 27 section speed measurements and 20 red light cameras in operation in Poland.

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- A driver who is driving at the speed limit when approaching a speed controlled location brakes involuntarily. This is proved by our research, which shows that Poles massively reduce their speed significantly below the applicable speed limit when passing speed cameras. The greatest differences are found at stationary speed meters set on roads with a limit of 70 km / h. In such a place, drivers, to be sure, slow down to 40 km / h and move much slower than they can - comments Julia Rachwalska, Yanosik.

The largest number of speed cameras is in the Mazowieckie voivodship (72), and the least in the Opolskie voivodship (10). There are currently 22 speed cameras on the roads of the Lower Silesia Province, which means that there are 1.64 devices per 100 km of national roads in Lower Silesia - it is one of the lowest density of speed cameras in the country. The highest density of these devices is in the Pomeranian Voivodeship (3.3 speed cameras per 100 km of national roads), and the lowest in Opolskie (1.27).

We currently have 148 km of sectional speed measurements in Poland. In this category, the leader is the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, in which a total of 23.15 km of roads are inspected. In turn, the Wielkopolskie and Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodeships are free from this type of device.

In Lower Silesia there is one sectional speed measurement with a length of 3.9 km. We come across him in Lubin.

Fotoradary i pomiarowe odcinki prędkości na Dolnym Śląsku. Gdzie najłatwiej o mandat?

Specialists from the Yanosik system have mapped out the most frequently controlled routes in Poland. On the scale of the whole country, national road No. 92 deserves attention, on the section running through the Lubuskie voivodship - there, drivers can meet a speed camera every 13 km on average. In the Dolnośląskie voivodship, the national road No. 3 was recognized as the most monitored route - 1 speed camera every 26.7 km.

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