Scala and Superb.Innovations in new Skoda models - Automotive at INTERIA.PL

Scala and Superb.Innovations in new Skoda models - Automotive at INTERIA.PL

The 21st century tailored technologies

We can currently realize dreams of a new car without leaving home, without the need to visit stationary sales points.Skoda encourages you to use the services of its virtual salons.You can connect to them with most mobile devices, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop.During such a "visit" it is possible to conduct a video call with a brand expert, which will answer all the questions bothering us, prepare a personalized offer and help in contact with the dealer, until the receipt of the car.

So many theories.Meanwhile, let's go to discuss two out of a dozen or so cars that we can order through the virtual Skoda salon - Superba and Scala.

The new Skoda Superb can now be equipped with rear LED lights with dynamic direction indicators and intelligent, matrix, adaptive front Matrix headlights, capable of masking the light source in each diode separately in such a way as not to dazzle drivers coming from the opposite.Superba headlights ensure the optimal light distribution mode in all conditions.

On board the new Skoda limousine can also include an advanced Amundsen satellite navigation system with an eight -inch touch screen, active cruise control with Predictive Cruise Control technology recognizing road signs and informing about speed limits, an integrated ESIM card with constant internet access, parking assistant parkAssist or Dead field Side Assist sensor detecting vehicles outside the driver's sight.On board higher equipment - marked as styles and sportline - we also find a keyless Kessy Full car service system, a package of internal contour lighting Ambiente, heated and electrically controlled front seats or sound -absorbing front windows.

The Front Assist system with pedestrian detection function, monitoring the space in front of the car, also remains an important element of the vehicle equipment.Thanks to him, the driver can avoid many unpleasant road incidents, such as.: invading a pedestrian onto the road or a collision with a rapidly inhibiting vehicle.

Skoda Scala and Superb without leaving home.check the price

Computer on wheels?

However, that's not all. W najbogatszej wersji, oznaczonej jako Laurin&Klement, Superb ma do zaoferowania jeszcze więcej zaawansowanych systemów bezpieczeństwa, obejmujących Assist system preventing sudden, unintentional lane change or three -zone air conditioning Climatronic.The flagship Skoda limousine can also be optionally equipped with many amenities and functions that increase comfort, such as, for example: a virtual cockpit, AREA View 360 system, which consists of a set of four panoramic cameras showing the space around the car, as well as electrically adjustable - and heatedand ventilated - front seats with massage function.

Scala i Superb. Innowacje w nowych modelach Skody - Motoryzacja w INTERIA.PL

The new Skoda limousine has also been equipped with advanced communication functions, thanks to which its driver can remain in constant, undisturbed contact with the world.This is responsible for this Columbus system with 3D navigation, WiFi module, a modern infotainment system informing in real time about the location of the nearest gas stations, atmospheric conditions prevailing at the moment on the road or about free and convenient parking spaces.The flagship Skoda model can also be retrofitted.

Skoda Scala and Superb without leaving home.check the price

Comfort and safety are a priority

Many of the amenities that we find in Superbie can also be found on board Skoda Scala.The car is equipped with sensors of the dead SIDE Assist zone, reversing camera, parking sensors, semi -automatic Park Assist system supporting parallel parking, Lane Assist lane assistant, automatically correcting all random, unintentional lane changes, or detecting pedestrian front assist system with automatic functionbrake activation.

The merchant equipment can also include a keyless Kessa car access system, an electrically hidden towbar, controlled in the same way the trunk lid or an electrically adjustable driver's seat.To add to the fact that the car can be equipped with a fully virtual cockpit with a 10.25-inch display, an advanced, 10-speaker audio system with a total power of 405 W, a phonebox smartphone charger with a signal amplifier and a wireless charging function, it will turn out,that Scala is not only a comfortable and safe car, but also a modern and extremely friendly to your user.

Skoda Scala and Superb without leaving home.check the price

Stay in constant contact with the world

In Scala, as in Superbie, there was also a place for many advanced communication systems, whose focal point is the Amundsen multimedia system, offering to handle gestures, 3D navigation or Skoda Connect services.The car can also be equipped with a WiFi hotspot and a modern information information system permanently connected to the Internet, providing drivers with current traffic information, weather forecast or fuel prices at nearby stations.

On board, we also find SmartLink+technology, which will allow us to get remote access to selected vehicle functions.The system is of course compatible with Apple Carplay, Android Auto and the Mirror Link service (thanks to it the desktop of your mobile phone and all multimedia content saved in its memory will be displayed on the screen of the vehicle).It all makes a merger of a car without complexes and fully prepared for the challenges he puts before him - and before its owner - demanding everyday life.

Skoda Scala and Superb without leaving home.check the price

The article was created in cooperation with the Skoda brand.