Reolink RLC-511WA review-wireless supervision camera with a reflector

Reolink RLC-511WA review-wireless supervision camera with a reflector

Strona główna›@wojtekadams›Recenzja Reolink RLC-511WA — bezprzewodowa kamera do nadzoru z reflektorem12.04.2021 22:42

I have already tested many Reolink cameras on my blog: there were simple home -made solar battery, 4G, as well as Poe.Each of them fulfilled its task perfectly.

RLC-511wa is a model that can be connected to the network both wire and wireless, but this is not a distinctive feature. RLC-511WA potrafi przechwytywać obraz w rozdzielczości 2560×1920 (5MP), posiada pięciokrotny zoom optyczny, a także reflektor, który się aktywuje, gdy kamera wykryje ruch.

RLC-511WA jest dość dużą kamerą (238x84x76 mm), przez co zwraca dość mocno na siebie uwagę, a odstające antenki WiFi również potęgują wrażenie jej wielkości.This feature can be considered in terms of benefits, because in this way the device can act as a deterrent, discouraging potential intruders, but on the other hand it is more difficult to mask it.

The body and handle are made entirely of aluminum covered with matte paint.Also, the speaker grille and SD card plug are metal.To sum up, only the screwed antennas were made of plastic.

Producent informuje, że 511WA spełnia normy IP66, więc spokojnie może zostać wystawiona na działanie warunków atmosferycznych. Będzie pracować w temperaturze od -10 do + 55 °C.

The front of the camera takes a fairly large lens, it is surrounded by four IR LEDs, a headlight in the form of five strong LEDs and a light sensor.

A white wire comes out of the RLC-511, which separates into three smaller ones.On the shortest of them there is a reset button, the second allows you to connect the power supply, and the last one is an Ethernet socket.This model does not support PoE.

The launch and initial configuration is trivial.RLC-511WA It is enough to connect to the power and LAN to make a dedicated smartphone application to detect a new device itself.The wizard displayed on the screen asks for a password for the administrator profile and to choose a wireless network with which we would like to connect.When everything is configured correctly, we should be transferred to the live view screen from the camera.

There will be several options related to the specific features of the RLC-511WA in the application interface.In the upper right corner we will find a flashlight icon, which after touching turns on four bright LEDs, as well as a bell symbol, with which we will start a rather noisy siren.

Recenzja Reolink RLC-511WA — bezprzewodowa kamera do nadzoru z reflektorem

In the settings we will configure the location for saved recordings and their quality, set the sensitivity of traffic detection.At this point, we can also decide whether the RLC-511wa is to turn on LED headlights when it detects traffic.

The quality of the captured image is very good - maintaining the level of previous Reolink cameras.During the day, the film material is almost perfect: the objects are sharp, at most you can have reservations about high contrast, but this does not affect the transparency of the recording.There are also no distortions, and solar reflections are not a problem for the camera.

The four -time optical enlargement maintains the clarity of the image, the time of setting autofocus during the day does not exceed two seconds, which I think is a very good result.In the live preview, we also have the ability to manually adjust the focus.

At night, also black and white film material is clear, the objects are clearly visible, even those in the distance.Thanks to the light stream supplied by strong LEDs, Reolink RLC-511wa supports a colorful picture at night.The only thing you can attach to is the aspect of the transition from night vision to the colorful image.The reflector introduces disruption for a short time, causing a lot of reflectors, for example on car license plates or windows.

I have to mention that the angle of view of the lens is wide, from 96 ° to 27 ° horizontally and from 69 ° to 21 ° vertically, thanks to which the camera can cover a fairly large area.

I have described traffic in Reolink cameras more than once.Algorithm, copes well with detecting people/vehicles, reducing the number of false alarms.Sensors sensitivity, of course, can be regulated.

Recordings can be saved to the SD card, any server that supports the FTP protocol or NVR devices.

The mermaid, which RLC -511wa is equipped, is really loud, and thus - effective.Its attachment can be set using a schedule that is available in the application.

The rich specification and low price Reolink RLC-511wa means that it is not easy to propose an equally good alternative.Currently, the camera price is 100 euros.The new model offers a high -quality image with a wide viewing angle.In addition, we get a device with a built -in reflector in the form of several diodes.Another advantage of the RLC-511wa is a loud siren, which can be a good unpleasantness of intruders.Movement detection works perfectly.The manufacturer in this model offers many great functions that we will not find in competitive offers of other manufacturers.


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