Pegasus: 6,000 attacks on the Supreme Audit Office, 500 infected devices

Pegasus: 6,000 attacks on the Supreme Audit Office, 500 infected devices

The control in the Supreme Audit Office was conducted by a special team for cybersecurity research and external experts who checked that the domains used by the Pegasus system were connected with the devices of NIK employees.They determined that there were over 6,000 attacks., and for two years a total of 500 devices were infected: telephones, tablets, laptops, servers.Belonged to the controllers, but also to drivers and technical staff.

According to RMF FM reporter Krzysztof Zasada, the most attacks were carried out just after the presidential election in 2020.when the Supreme Audit Office announced the control of voting, and in the autumn of the same year, when the Chamber finalized work on the report after the control of the Justice Fund.This fund, let us recall, was established at the Ministry of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro to help victims of crime, but the funds are allocated to various other purposes, including the purchase of Pegasus himself.NIK audit showed that PLN 280 million from the fund was spent mismanagement and contrary to the regulations.

"I can only say that our employees responsible for security are conducting intensive work in this area.We will inform you about the arrangements next week.We plan to convene a press conference for Monday at.13.It will concern just those issues that would involve any illegal surveillance, "commented Łukasz Pawelski from the Supreme Audit Office for RMF FM.

Banaś in the Senate: Listen to Kaczyński

The case of surveillance of Pegasus is investigated by the Senate Extraordinary Commission, which - unlike the Sejm committees - has no authorization to demand that he will be listed and explained under the threat of penalties.In the course of her work, however, various facts come to light and accusations are falling.Questioned by senators was of NIK Marian Banaś, who said: "I decided to urgently control ad hoc supervision over special services.Personally, I think that Jarosław Kaczyński as Deputy Prime Minister for.Safety should appear at the NIK controllers at the headquarters of the Chamber and submit extensive testimonies as a witness under pain of criminal liability for giving false testimonies.He should answer questions about illegal and mass surveillance of Polish women and Poles ".

Banaś emphasized that control over the operational activities of the services is insufficient in Poland, there is neither the prime minister nor the coordinator of special services, nor the parliamentary specialties in Poland..

A week later, the regulatory committee.Jarosław Kaczyński also asked about Banasia..In an interview of February 2, the PiS president stated that "[Marian Banaś] is currently conducting an action that led to the NIK lost attributes of the state office, the Public Office.(...) There are many actions that are unlawful, incompatible with the requirements ".

In response, Banaś submitted a notification to the prosecutor's office, which he announced today on Twitter: "There is no place for holy cows in the state of Law and Justice.Therefore, after the scandalous statement of Deputy Prime Minister J.Kaczyński violating my good name and the Supreme Audit Office, I direct the notification to the prosecutor's office with art.226 couples.3 of the Penal Code, punishable by imprisonment for up to 2 years ".

Pegasus: 6 tysięcy ataków na NIK, 500 zainfekowanych urządzeń

Pegasus in the hands of PiS services

Speeding reports with the help of Pegasus of subsequent people appear systematically.Recently, the Canadian research center Citizen Lab confirmed that the head of Agronia Michał Kołodziejczak and Tomasz Szwejgiert, co -author of the book about Mariusz Kamiński, were also under surveillance.The first information about PEGASUS 'attacks concerned the independent prosecutor Ewa Wrzosek, patron of Roman Giertych and the chief of staff of the Civic Coalition Krzysztof Brejza from the campaign before the parliamentary elections in 2019.

PiS politicians either disregard these reports or even deny them.Only Jarosław Kaczyński, Deputy Prime Minister, even surprised party colleagues, when he announced in one of the interviews: "Pegasus is a program for which the services to fight crime and corruption in many countries reach for.Its creation and use is the result of a technological change, the development of encrypted messengers, which cannot be read using old monitoring systems.It would be bad if Polish services did not have this type of tool ".

Grzegorz Rzeczkowski commented on the words of the PiS president in "Polityka": "He decided to perform a classic defensive maneuver, i.e. to take a step back and admit that Pegasus was used, but legally and to the people who deserved it.And at the same time deny that it was used for surveillance of the opposition and this during the election campaign before the last election.Of course, he will not say more, because he cannot "speak in detail about used in Poland - fully legally - methods and techniques" or confirm one or other presumptions ".

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Commission in the Sejm.Kukiz problem

The opposition demands the establishment of the parliamentary investigation commission regarding the current authority of citizens of their country and the possibility of influencing the result of the election in 2019.PiS and Solidarna Polska defend themselves against this, but they have a problem: Paweł Kukiz, who wants to be her boss, gets along regarding the appointment of a commission with the opposition.

The explanations made in the Senate by Michał Kołodziejczak may thwart these plans because they suggest that Kukiz has broken the state secrets.The case was commented on by Ewa Siedlecka: "After the testimonies of Kołodziejczak, membership may be at least doubtful, and even more so the managing by Paweł Kukiz or the Extraordinary Sejm Extraordinary Commission for the explanation of Pegasusgate.There is a conflict of interests: one of the first people that such a commission would have to question would be Kukiz ".

Pegasus: Trojan on a smartphone

Pegasus is a spy on a smartphone.How it works?"It is nothing more than technically advanced Trojan, i.e. malware, in this case spy, which introduced into the smartphone takes control over it in an imperceptible way for the user.Its capabilities scare and change the way you look at his own smartphone, which from the communication device with the world transforms into an excellent spy device.Everything that a smartphone can do can be used immediately against us.

Trojan can record our conversations in real time, both by phone and those conducted using internet connections.It can use a camera and a microphone to record what is happening around us, i.e..the people we meet with.He can also download everything we have saved on the phone, and locate us on an ongoing basis with an accuracy of a few meters.And when he senses the threat of detection, to deactivate, "explained Grzegorz Rzeczkowski in October politics".

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