Newsweek Polska take care of security.Cozy, smoke and camera sensors to the latest try the Newsweek mobile application

Newsweek Polska take care of security.Cozy, smoke and camera sensors to the latest try the Newsweek mobile application

Kidde KID-10LLCo chad sensor-safety at a unique price in MediaMarkt

The main advantage of the Kidde KID-10LLCo chad sensor is Kidde electrochemical sensor, which guarantees 10 years of work of the highest quality.The device launches the sound and optical alarm (i.e. the red LED), which informs us about the presence of carbon monoxide in our apartment.In addition, when the battery is close to the discharge, the sensor will inform you that it should be replaced.The device is available in the MediaMarkt store for only PLN 39.99.Remember that you can receive up to PLN 40 for joining the MediaMarkt club - just use our discount code.

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Kidde MTG-3000H-Chad and gas sensors in Ole Ole

The KIDDE MTG-3000H gas sensor is a great device to take care of your safety.Satisfied customers among the advantages of equipment mention above all its loud alarm, which informs about the appearance of gas in the area, and its tenderness.The gas sensor also has a 36 -month warranty and the possibility of ordering a delivery for PLN 0, thanks to the free transport service - products for a minimum of PLN 99 can be delivered for free.You can buy the device in the Ole Ole store for only PLN 159.99.

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Lanberg SR-1001 smoke sensor-the best devices at the best prices at Electro

The Lanberg SR-1001 smoke sensor is a great solution for people who want to feel safe at their home.The device has a loud alarm (OK.85 dB), 8 -year warranty and excellent quality optical sensor.In addition, the equipment is very simple to install and its operation is extremely intuitive.In the Electro store, the device can be bought for less than PLN 28.

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Cameras for monitoring the yard and apartments on Aliexpress

Xiaomi 2K 1296p is an intelligent external camera that will work both for monitoring the yard and the apartment.The device is waterproof, rotates 270 degrees, and also has a double antenna.You can buy a camera on Aliexpress for less than PLN 122.In addition, on our website you will find unique discount coupons that will provide you with a $ $ 40, $ $ 40 discount from $ 50, $ $ 60, as well as $ 80 from $ 80!Hurry, not to miss the opportunity!

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You still don't know what cigarette smoke sensor you should choose?Or maybe you hesitate to choose an external home camera?Media Markt, Ole Ole, Electro and Aliexpress stores have a wide range of devices, so you have nothing but see other products they offer also.Additionally on the Newsweek website.en, our unique discount coupons are available, which will also allow you to benefit from other discounts.Sign up to our newsletter to be up to date and not miss any opportunity!