Newsweek Polska How to effectively secure a house or office?Intelligent surveillance cameras can be cheaper than you think the latest try the Newsweek mobile application

Newsweek Polska How to effectively secure a house or office?Intelligent surveillance cameras can be cheaper than you think the latest try the Newsweek mobile application

Data publikacji: 23.08.2021, 16:17


Monitoring accompanies us almost everywhere - in shops, on the street or in public transport.This technology has become so common and modernized that we can currently buy an intelligent camera for our own use for a few hundred PLN.It will protect our house, office, garage or company warehouse both inside and outside, and we can control most devices from the smartphone level.We look at several modern external and internal cameras, as well as camera dummy.

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Ezviz c8c wifi

Ezviz c8c wifiFot.: Materiały prasowe

Modern WiFi communication camera, which works based on CMOS 2 sensor.Records in a resolution of 1920 x 1080 P, also at night, its angle of view is 87 degrees, and thanks to the built -in microphone it can also record sound.We have three recording modes, continuous, programmable and based on the presence sensor, we look at the internet, and the class of IP65 hermeticity protects the equipment from rain, so we can successfully mount it outside the room or building.All material in turn, they sign up on the microSD card.Price?Less than PLN 500.Check the best offers.

Sanico Cosmo Z2 IP65 WiFi

Sanico Cosmo Z2 IP65 WiFiFot.: Materiały prasowe

Made of metal, waterproof in the IP65 class Camera, which weighs only 0.35 kg!Like the previous model, it records in a resolution of 1080 P, also at night (then the range is 25 meters), records the sound, allows preview and configuration via the Internet.The materials are saved on the microSD card, and in the case of it we can also use the cloud.All this at an attractive price of PLN 229.Check the best offers.

Sanico Cosmo W1 WiFi

Sanico Cosmo W1 WiFiFot.: Materiały prasowe

This model is a mini internal webcam, very compact and discreet.Despite its small size.It has a built -in microphone, he records materials on a microSD card or saves them in the cloud, also enables preview and configuration online.It was made of plastic, it is not waterproof, but it costs less than PLN 150.Check the best offers.


ORNO OR-MT-GV-1808Fot.: Materiały prasowe

Wireless, colorful internal camera, this time with a slightly lower resolution, ordinary HD.It enables monitoring from a smartphone, tablet or browser, using the free application for Android and iOS, and connects via WiFi or LAN.It also works at night (range of 10 meters), records sound, materials are recorded on the microSD card.Just like other internal monitoring webcams, it is not waterproof, but it also tempts with a price - less than PLN 210.Check the best offers.


ORNO CCTV OR-MT-JE-1801KCFot.: Materiały prasowe

Another smart camera for external monitoring, and thus resistant to rain and splashing in the IP65 class.On the plus side you need to include a large range of 150 meters (14 meters at night), built -in microphone, wireless connection or a solid metal housing, but the resolution could be higher (HD), and the viewing angle wider (40/52 degrees).The equipment saves data on the SD card, and costs less than PLN 370.Check the best offers.

Somfy ip somfy one

Somfy ip somfy oneFot.: Materiały prasowe

A camera with all in one alarm, i.e. a compact house protection system enclosed in one tasteful device.It works based on an advanced artificial intelligence system, detects a threat in advance, records in 1920 x 1080 P, also at night, at a vision of 160 degrees.The equipment is strongly based on network solutions - it saves data on a remote server, enables listening to the recorded sound remotely, image preview and configuration online.All this, however, has its price - PLN 856.Check the best offers.

Netatmo 19738166

Netatmo 19738166Fot.: Materiały prasowe

We enter the higher price shelf (nearly PLN 1,400) and look at a more advanced outer camera.Resolution 1920 x 1080 P, 8x digital zoom, 100 degrees angle, IP65 hermetic, night mode, but there is no microphone - these are its basic properties.The most important thing, however, is that the equipment is distinguished by people, animals, cars or insignificant movements, and in the event of detecting the intruder will turn on the lighting and immediately notify us on the screen of our phone.We can connect it to the already installed lighting, the garden, and the data should be stored in the cloud or on the encrypted microSD card, which is included in the set.Check the best offers.

Camera dummy Netatmo 19738166

Atrapa kamery Orno OR-AK-1201Fot.: Materiały prasowe

Sometimes the very presence of the camera can deter deterirable to intruders, even if it is inside ... There is nothing!More precisely, there is only a control lamp, as well as LED lighting, enclosed in a very realistic housing, which perfectly reproduces the appearance of a professional CCTV camera.Lamps are powered by two AAA batteries, and the camera dummy can be mounted both in the room and outdoor.It is also a big saving of money, because this "camera" costs less than PLN 60.Check the best offers.

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