May the power be always within your reach - PC World - Tests and prices for PC, RTV, Photo, IT tips, Download, News

May the power be always within your reach - PC World - Tests and prices for PC, RTV, Photo, IT tips, Download, News

We are seeing growing interest in uninterruptible power supplies from individuals and small businesses. This is due to the greater awareness of customers in the field of the need to protect consumer electronics sensitive to voltage fluctuations, proper risk assessment of losing valuable data, the growing smart-home market and the richer society (UPS is no longer a "luxury" good).

In our homes, we use, among others, more and more expensive and more advanced audio-video solutions, the damage of which as a result of overvoltage or power failure, after the warranty expires, means measurable costs for the user. By using UPS, we not only protect home electronics, but also significantly extend its life and improve the quality of equipment functioning.

Modern UPSs for domestic use are equipped with a number of interesting functions, such as periodic self-test including an early warning function, which allows for preventive maintenance activities.

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Intelligent precision charging maximizes battery performance, life and reliability.

More advanced UPSs with the AVR function automatically increase the low voltage and lower the high voltage to levels suitable for the powered devices. The ability to select one of the predefined switching voltages according to the quality of the power supply (high, medium or low sensitivity) allows you to maximize the backup time and effectively protect sensitive electronics.

It is very important to protect your equipment from surges from "back doors" through data lines (Ethernet, coaxial and telephone lines), which are as dangerous as power line surges. Customers should pay particular attention to meeting the certification requirements and compliance with electrical standards in force in Poland.

New technologies used in the production of UPSs allow for increasing the output power while reducing the weight and size of the devices (by up to 30% and 10%, respectively). High-quality displays and the ability to protect data transmission lines with a capacity of 1 Gb / s are used.