Who said intelligent monitoring has to be expensive?

Who said intelligent monitoring has to be expensive?

Orllo Goodcam Z1 - a small, cheap, outdoor wireless IP WiFi camera

Do not be fooled by its small dimensions and low price, as this camera can surprise you with its possibilities. So here we have a waterproof housing (IP66 class), and a built-in microphone, and loop recording on a microSD card, with a resolution of 3Mpx (2304x1296p). We also have a pretty good night mode "illuminating" the surroundings to about 15-20 meters and the intelligent image analysis (AI IVS) already known from "larger" Orllo cameras, which allows detecting people and movement. Well, there is even a designation of a non-standard monitoring area.

So what's not here? Or even two-way communication. Orllo Goodcam Z1 has a built-in microphone that allows you to eavesdrop and record what is happening in the monitored area, but there is no loudspeaker. There is also no question of any optical zoom (there is a digital zoom x5) or an audible alarm. In this case, however, it is not necessary. Orllo Goodcam Z1 is primarily to monitor a certain area of ​​our property and notify us about any suspicious activities. And it fulfills this task perfectly.

Suffice it to say that about six months ago I decided to buy this particular webcam as an additional protection for the narrow passage between the house and the street. Well, I decided that the rotating camera in this place will not work very well and it will be better to be "stationary". And guess what? It took just a few weeks for me to "catch" two nonchalant gentlemen walking around the property as if they were on their own. The latter was so "nice" that he even looked at the windows up close. It is true that I managed to scare him off by speaking through another camera, within the range of which he later found himself, but the first one detected him was Orllo Goodcam Z1. Well, I even managed to take a pretty good picture of him.

If any of you get to know this Lord, please tell him that it was recorded and that you are not entering someone else's property. This is rather hard to consider as normal behavior

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Orllo Goodcam Z12 - outdoor, rotating WiFi IP camera for every budget

An outdoor camera that can detect motion and rotate to track intruders doesn't have to be expensive - here's the best example of that. Best of all, the Orllo Goodcam Z12 not only does not require a deep wallet, but also offers quite a large package of functions that seemed to be reserved for much more expensive models.

In addition to the rotating head, whose range of motion is 355 degrees horizontally and 95 degrees vertically, this camera also has a built-in microphone and speaker - for two-way communication, 5x digital zoom, night mode up to 20 meters and light and sound alarm. Sounds good right? Especially when we add a pretty good image resolution - 3 Mpx, i.e. 2304x1296p.

Since we have here and intelligent following of the detected motion, and deterrent audible alarms, and a night mode with the possibility of illuminating the frame with LED diodes, where is the compromise? Well, the lower price means a bit less workmanship in this case. But although instead of a metal housing we have plastic here, and the tightness class is a level lower (IP65), it does not affect the functionality of this camera. I tested it at the first frost and it did a great job. One important observation - the red glowing IR LEDs can be seen from a distance at night. Is it wrong? No, as this alone can act as a deterrent to potential intruders.

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Orllo Goodcam W4 + - mini WiFi IP camera just right for home

Maybe this webcam looks like a webcam, but this is one of its undeniable advantages. Thanks to this, it can be placed near a computer and hardly anyone will recognize immediately that it is part of the monitoring system. And one that can detect even the smallest movement, and then follow it, registering image and sound. Orllo Goodcam W4 + works almost silently, so it does not attract attention even when turning.

Interestingly, this small WiFi webcam also has a loudspeaker and a microphone, thanks to which two-way communication is possible. There is also nothing to prevent you from setting your own voice warning activated when motion is detected or a person is detected. And although the night mode is effective here only for about 10 meters, in most cases it is enough.

The purpose of Orllo Goodcam W4 + is to monitor an apartment, office or one selected room in the house. It is also ideal as a supplement to an existing, external set of cameras, in case an intruder manages to bypass them. I am seriously considering adding this model to my existing monitoring system at the start of the second stage of home renovation. With these prices of building materials, there can be only one decision to make.

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Cheap monitoring for everyone

Of course, the examples of monitoring for every budget can be multiplied almost endlessly. The most important thing is to know what we need it for and choose the cameras and their location so that they cover the sensitive area. After my, not very pleasant experiences, I already know that I need to reorganize the camera setup a bit and in some places I will probably use cheap monitoring.

Importantly, each of the Orllo cameras described above allows you to view live not only on a smartphone or tablet, but also on a computer. Each also allows you to save recordings on a memory card or, optionally, in the cloud. In addition, there is the possibility of remote download of recorded recordings to the phone from anywhere in the world and the free Orllo Package, including a Polish application, free updates and free technical support.

Orllo Goodcam Z1 Camera Rating:

Final grade

86% 4.3 / 5

Orllo Goodcam Z12 Camera Rating:

Final grade

90% 4.5 / 5

Orllo Goodcam W4 + Camera Rating:

Final grade

92% 4.6 / 5

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