Review of solar installation at least every 2 years

Review of solar installation at least every 2 years

Lack of professional service can reduce the efficiency of a photovoltaic installation by up to several percent, and therefore increase electricity bills and reduce energy sales revenues.In addition, an unservanized installation may undergo failures and defects, which will negatively affect the safety of operation - emphasizes the company ALANS RES operating on the photovoltaic market.

According to the renewable energy alliance, the standard review of solar installation should contain, among othersControl of modules, inverter, construction, fastenings, cabling and verification of installation security.

It is worth checking with a thermal imaging camera, whether the temperature is similar to the entire surface of PV panels.Alians RES experts also recommend verification whether the inverter has received the factory software update, especially if there is a problem with the internet network.

A separate issue is to make electrical measurements and their correct interpretation.

- As practitioners, we suggest reviewing and maintaining photovoltaic installations at least every 2 years.It is worth remembering that such an installation is significantly different from the standard electrical installation in the house, for which the legislator provided for a 5-year period between compulsory inspections-says Jakub Jadziewicz, member of the board of Alans renewable energy.

As Jadziewicz emphasizes, the scope of maintenance of photovoltaic installation is of course dependent on the number of components, inverters, or additional devices such as energy storage, vehicle charging stations, as well as meters that allow you to monitor and manage the energy produced.

Przegląd instalacji fotowoltaicznej nie rzadziej niż co 2 lata

In addition, in the field where air pollution occurs, it is worth making modules washing.

- It is worth checking the information that we can get about the work status or possible errors displayed by the inverter.If we have such a possibility, compare this data with the information contained in our application monitoring and the condition of the solar installation - argues Jakub Jadziewicz.

The Alians RES expert emphasizes that in the case of rooms where there are elements of photovoltaic installation, control requires ventilation and access to all its elements, which over time can be significantly hindered by the accumulated equipment of the garage, home or workshop.

What cost is associated with the implementation of a photovoltaic installation?As Jadziewicz estimates, depending on the size of the installation, the price of the service ranges from 300 to 1000 PLN on average, and the cost of the team should be added.

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