AWS announced 5 technological trends for 2022

AWS announced 5 technological trends for 2022

Technology is advancing faster than ever. Solutions that might have seemed unrealistic to implement a year ago are becoming commonplace today. AWS has prepared a list of five trends that will play the greatest role in 2022 and, in the long run, will literally change our lives.

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Smart homes for seniors

Technology plays an important role in solving human problems. In 2022, homes and buildings will become better assistants and help meet the needs of their residents.

"One inspiring example is the Japanese company Z-Works, which focuses on improving elderly care through technology," said Dr. Werner Vogles, CTO of Amazon . - The company deployed sensors in beds and rooms in retirement homes and connected them all to the cloud for continuous data analysis. Sensor arrays not only monitor vital signs. Since they run cloud-trained machine learning models, the sensors can also tell if a person is going to the bathroom and just not coming back. In this case, the system may notify someone on duty to check the well-being of the resident.

The technology is ultimately intended to combine simple tasks such as dimming the light, closing the door and turning off the oven with those more contextual and proactive, creating a new class of homes that respond to the needs of an aging population.

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AWS ogłosił 5 technologicznych trendów na 2022 rok

The Internet will come to us from space

- Over the next five years, more than 20,000 satellites will be in the LEO (Low Earth Orbit Satellite) above our planet. Among them, about 1.5 thousand. from Amazon's Kuiper Project, a satellite network dedicated to delivering high-speed and inexpensive broadband to unsupported and under-served communities around the world. The first are to be put into orbit in the fall of 2022, says Dr. Werner Vogels . - With this broadband connection, I see a whole new class of applications that will benefit from it.

Most digital applications are limited by an existing network designed for low bandwidth or intermittent connectivity. To avoid interference, some of them, like the traditional GPS navigator, are designed to work offline. As a result, the data quickly becomes outdated, and the device itself has limited functionality compared to its network-connected counterparts. What if connectivity, bandwidth, and high latency were no longer an issue?

In schools, every child could use the same educational tools - also during remote classes. We would act faster in disaster situations. Small and medium-sized businesses would have the opportunity to create jobs in rural communities around the world. In short, the ubiquitous connectivity would help to overcome the cases of digital exclusion and would affect every aspect of our lives and the functioning of companies. You can read more about the predictions for 2022 and the coming years here.

Programming without knowing the code

Since the cloud arrived 15 years ago, companies have been delivering new ideas and products to customers faster and on a larger scale than ever. However, even with such acceleration, people still spend a disproportionate amount of time in one area of ​​technology: software development. In 2022, machine learning (ML) will play an increasingly important role, supporting programmers in creating safer and more reliable code. ML will free programmers from the mundane parts of their work, like code reviews and bug fixes, and allow them to concentrate on design. The technology can also check for errors and verify the functionality of the software on an ongoing basis.

This will completely change the rules of the game, giving the possibility to develop software (and products based on it) to a wider number of people in the organization - including those who previously had little to do with programming. The same artificial intelligence techniques will be used in all kinds of media areas: making movies, music and literature, as well as detecting fake content and scams.

How an application may affect the carbon footprint

Developers are trained to optimize architectures for security, performance, reliability and cost. From 2022, sustainable development will also appear on the list of priorities. Consumers who, until recently, wanted higher-quality movies and music to be streamed and websites load faster are starting to notice the negative environmental impact this convenience has. An active role in reducing the carbon footprint will be played by developers taking into account the energy needed to run their applications.

- Let's be clear: technology consumes energy, and at AWS we are committed to making intelligent infrastructure choices. We are on the way to 100% use by 2025. from renewable sources, says Dr. Werner Vogels . However, creating a cloud based on wind, solar or hydro power is only part of the sustainability responsibility that we, developers, and really everyone involved in running the business, must undertake. It is a shared responsibility and genuine effort that customers, employees and potential employees will increasingly demand.