Annke C800 - outdoor IP camera recording video in 4K

Annke C800 - outdoor IP camera recording video in 4K

Monitoring - regardless of whether we are talking about industrial or private buildings - is a good way to increase its protection. We will be able to constantly monitor what is happening to our property and most importantly - in the event of theft, we will have evidence that should help in catching the perpetrators of the break-in. Of course, it is worth choosing equipment that will perform well regardless of the weather conditions and time of day, and will also offer very good quality video material, which will allow us to see details that may be crucial, e.g. when looking for a potential perpetrator. We had the opportunity to test the Annke C800 IP camera, which will work well in industrial and home use.

Annke C800 - technical specification

Standard set for IP cameras, although a private user who intends to install such equipment at home may be surprised by the lack of a power supply in the package. Of course, it should also be taken into account that in addition to the power cable to the camera, we must "lead" a LAN cable with an RJ-45 plug. The use of an additional charger will not be necessary when we use NAS from companies such as Synology, QNAP and the like.

Appearance, build quality

The camera is of a solid build quality. This also translates into obtaining the IP67 certificate, which means that the Annke C800 can be used both indoors and outdoors. The mentioned IP67 standard guarantees protection against dust, there is no need to worry about the equipment during the "meeting" with water. The manufacturer, using a special "frame", allows the user to easily adjust the angle of view of the lens. You can also notice the attention to detail, which translates into a high degree of protection of components. It is mainly about the use of a cover in the place where the wires connect, as well as a cover under which the microSD port is hidden.

It is also worth noting that the camera can be powered not only from a socket (we are talking about a DC 12 V power supply). If we have the option of plugging in an NVR or PoE plug, we can also bring electricity to the Annke C800 in this way. It all depends on the IP recorder that we will use with the presented camera.

Returning to the quality of workmanship, the manufacturer should be commended for including solid screws and mounting pins that will facilitate the installation of the camera anywhere. A well-thought-out solution is also leaving a special groove for cables, which makes the frame securely attached to e.g. the building wall. It is worth remembering - during assembly - to leave a small "spare" of the cable, which will make it easier for us to adjust the angle of the lens later.

Summing up, you can see that the manufacturer took care of the highest quality, using very solid materials. Definitely, it will ensure a long operation of the device, and the confirmation may be the possibility of choosing a warranty for six years! It should be added here that the two-year warranty does not require any additional payments. Only the option of three or the aforementioned six years changes the price, but in the case of the maximum period, we are talking about less than one hundred zlotys, which is rather a reasonable option.

Annke C800's greatest strengths

We already know the quality of workmanship and the technical specification. It's time to "take a closer look" at the solutions offered by the manufacturer to the customer. First of all, the Annke C800 in the tested I91BM variant is equipped with an advanced processor offering EXIR 2.0 image enhancement and night vision technology. Finally, the user gets a clean and "sharp" image in 4K resolution, regardless of the brightness level. The 2.8 mm lens and the SONY IMX274 sensor are also a big advantage. The lens records the image up to 124 degrees, thanks to which the user will see practically every angle of the observed object. This in turn translates into a reduction in the number of devices that must be used for monitoring.

We can obtain high-quality images in virtually all conditions. Regardless of whether we want to "observe" a large industrial hall, entrance gate or even the area in front of our building. Weather conditions are also irrelevant - low, high temperatures, humidity. In each of these scenarios, the Annke C800 IP camera will prove to be great, which is confirmed by the device tests.

It is also worth mentioning the EXIR 2.0 night vision technology. The night vision is clear, sharp, no IR reflection. The solutions used in the camera mean that insects are not "interested" in the lens, and the image is neither overexposed nor underexposed. Finally, the user gets a 4K recording, and in night conditions, we can see many objects, because night vision guarantees us operation up to thirty meters.

Depending on the variant we choose, the Annke C800 can record sound. In the case of the tested model, this function is active due to the built-in microphone in the device. Importantly, if we do not want to record sound, we can easily turn off this option using the software.

The image from the camera can be saved on a microSD memory card, the capacity of which can be 256 GB. A big advantage is the use of the H.265 + codec, which allows us to record longer movies with less compression and, at the same time, with a small file size. It also uses less bandwidth inside the network, which translates into less bandwidth overhead. This model can save an image after detecting motion, or permanently, for 24 hours - the choice is up to the user.

Dedicated software

Due to the fact that it is a camera offering a number of interesting solutions, after correct installation in the place we have chosen, you must install the manufacturer's proprietary software. We are talking about both our computers (the application is available for both Windows and Mac) and mobile devices (iOS and Android). After correct configuration, as well as connecting the camera to our network, we will be able to, for example, define specific zones. Thanks to them, Annke C800 will "know" to provide the user with traffic alerts for those specific locations. Let's move on. We can also designate an area - for example our car, so that the camera knows that when it moves, it should send us a notification immediately.

It is also worth adding that using our mobile devices we can also control the camera by changing its settings.

Delving into the next tabs of the software, we can find, among others, the live broadcast function, which will use different programs than the one provided by Annke. This is a big plus, because thanks to the support for RTSP and ONVIF, we can use Synology, Blue Iris and others.


Annke C800 is a solid IP camera that will work in business, monitoring our offices, halls or even parking lots. We can use it privately to record everything that is happening around our home, and the appropriate configuration will allow us to receive alerts when the equipment detects movement near the monitored area. All this is obtained at a very reasonable price, which further increases the attractiveness of the presented model. Annke C800 in the tested version (tower with microphone) was priced at PLN 487.99 for the option with a two-year warranty. Extending it to six years raises the price to PLN 579.99. Details about the tested IP camera can be found on the manufacturer's website. Details about the H800 system, i.e. a set of four devices, can be found by clicking here. Information about the Annie C800 - the camera that we had the opportunity to test can be found by selecting this link.