A new car in a subscription for five hundred zlotys.  We check whether it is worth taking cars in shopping malls

A new car in a subscription for five hundred zlotys. We check whether it is worth taking cars in shopping malls

In theory, Qarson's offer sounds great. The cheapest car - Toyota Aygo - can be bought for PLN 499 per month. You also need to add PLN 999 of the entry fee and we can go to the city.

Before we decide to do it, however, it is worth scrolling the page to the very end. Because in each subsequent line you will find information about additional fees. These are not any special amenities. After all, we have to buy insurance anyway, and it's the same with winter tires.

The company honestly mentions the entire list on its website. And this means that it will take a while before we go down the site.

Therefore, we have to add an additional PLN 200 a month for the insurance, another PLN 89 for the replacement and storage of summer and winter tires. It is also worth considering the package of kilometers. This default has a cap of 10,000. For a person who commutes to work and back 5 times a week, it is probably enough. However, if we do longer routes around Poland, it will turn out to be insufficient, and each kilometer above the assumed limit is an additional 24 groszy.

After doubling the limit (for PLN 189 per month), the rental costs already PLN 777. The price includes, for example, vehicle inspections, service and registration.

Together with the aforementioned starting fee, such a package costs us PLN 10,323 per year.

It is de facto PLN 860 a month, and yet the package includes only things that we would pay for anyway. You also need to add gasoline, which is at least another 3,000. PLN for every 10 thousand. km. And we get an amount in the range of PLN 1,000.

Nowe auto w abonamencie za pięćset złotych. Sprawdzamy, czy warto brać samochody w galeriach handlowych

Much or little? Compared to the average long-term rental, it seems to me a quite sensible option, because there is a chance to save a thousand or two over the course of a year, because you can rarely find cars below PLN 1000 a month.

The situation with the purchase of a car is more complicated. Mikołaj Adamczuk wondered about the profitability of his own four wheels at Autoblog. He took into account the cost of purchasing, insurance, parking and gasoline. After deducting the former, over 11,000 were available for operation alone. PLN per year. But this amount assumes that we will do 10,000. annually. With this mileage in Qarson, we would not have to buy a package of kilometers and we would be able to close in less than 8,000. zloty.

As you can see, despite the long list of additional fees, the subscription car remains quite a financially attractive option for motoring fans.

Qarson started in Poland at the beginning of 2019.

So we already know the first statistics on car rental in the subscription system. That's good, because I was wondering who in Poland would decide to make such a move. Many rental entrepreneurs quietly admit that as a society we are still firmly attached to property, preferring to have an apartment (even on loan) rather than paying the landlord the monthly rent. Using carsharing, I have heard from my friends more than once that they would not decide to buy a car for minutes, because "they will not drive someone else" (fear of an accident?).

The results did not surprise me too much. The subscription is the most popular among the young generation. 41 percent are people aged 32-41. Another 22 percent. are clients between 22 and 31 years of age. I have the impression that Netflix, Spotify and Tidale previously paved the way for offers like Qarson or its competitor Carsmile. We just got used to subscription services.

Qarson also decided to collect data on the search for the offer and group them according to the smartphone models used by the interested parties. The most - 17 percent. inquiries came about iPhone owners. Many of them also came from Samsung and Huawei.

It is also interesting how many customers will decide to return to the French after a year's loan. On the domestic market, Qarson boasts 80% effectiveness. However, I do not know to what extent this result will be transferred to Polish soil. In France, the company offers more financial solutions, the age range of the dominant group of customers is also different - the majority of them are between 40 and 60 years of age.

On the Vistula River, the offer may be attractive for young people who are planning to buy their first car.

Throwing a few thousand zlotys on the old lumber, which after 2-3 years of use can be scrapped (so we will not recover the money anyway) is not a very tempting vision compared to the subscription model.

Anyway, I have the impression that despite the fairly wide range of cars, including SUVs, for example, small, city and - let's face it - cheap cars will be the most popular. If we take the wallpaper of such a Nissan Quashqai, the naked offer starts at PLN 1600. All additional options will result in the total output of over 2,000 a month. For this, we can take a smaller car on loan and pay for the costs of its operation.